GSG Podcast Ep. 005: C4D Layouts, AskGSG, And The Take System

October 3, 2016 - By 

GSG Podcast Ep. 005

In this podcast, the GSG team discusses their favorite ways to customize Cinema 4D, season three of AskGSG, and the Cinema 4D Take System. Enjoy!


Show Notes/Links:

Ask GSG Season 3 Starting Soon on Twitch
HDRI Link – Coming Soon
Customizing C4D Palates
Learn the Take/Tokens Systems everybody

Brograph Podcast –
Windows Utilities Video –
CV ToolBox –
Active Solo –
Magic Anim Curve –
Digital Kitchen –
Set A Custom Layout With New.c4d –

Shift C –
SSS Balls Beeple –

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