Pixel Plow gets GSG Certified

October 7, 2016 - By 

We are happy to announce that cloud rendering company Pixel Plow is now officially GSG Certified!


Who is Pixel Plow?

Pixel Plow is a cloud rendering service that is based in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been watching them for some time and have continuously been impressed with their service in both terms of speed and cost efficiency.

Here is how they describe themselves, “During our search for a good render farm service, we began taking a critical look at how other farms operated. We quickly discovered several ways to increase accessibility, affordability, and security in every aspect of your render farm experience. Pixel Plow is the continuation of our effort to provide this experience in a simple, competitive package.  With thousands of clients in over 65 countries around the world, Pixel Plow is quickly becoming a dominant force in the cloud rendering industry.”

What does GSG Certified mean?

In a nutshell, it means that we fully endorse Pixel Plow. First off, we have made sure all our products work in their system so you don’t have to worry whether or not they have our plugins installed. Secondly, we believe Pixel Plow offers a top-of-class cloud rendering product for the best price. Many times in our testing, Pixel Plow would be even more cost effective than an Amazon EC2 system of similar specs!

Why  Pixel Plow?

  • Greyscalegorilla tools are fully supported. No more worrying about what cloud rendering solution has all of our tools.
  • Pixel Plow supports both Physical AND Arnold.
  • Ease of use: We think cloud rendering should be as simple as possible. We also think cloud rendering shouldn’t be stressful or complicated.
  • Affordability: Pixel Plow’s unique “Power Level” setting allows you to adjust the potential cost of your render. Making it fit within most budgets. We think cloud rendering should be affordable for all.
  • Great Support: Pixel Plow is based in the USA so you can usually get support quickly and not have to worry about things getting lost in translation.
  • NO FTP NEEDED: Pixel Plow will write image files directly to your system. No FTP’ing back and forth. Yay!



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  • grate option ! prices are so low its almost hard to believ its true. Will try it tonight to see what i can get. Thanks Nick and all the gorilla crew ?

  • I started using pixel plow after Chad had mentioned it in one of his tutorials. They are great. Still just in the testing phase right now and haven’t used it on any major projects yet but so far it is SOOOO good. Crazy easy to use, insanely good pricing, and their customer support is on point. 85% of the time they get back to me shortly after I email them, the other 15% it’s within a day. I hope they grow and stick around forever.

  • Great resource – thank you for the tip! If you find an Octane Render for C4D service to recommend, please pass it along.

    Special thanks to Chris Schmidt for recent personalized troubleshooting with me.

    • Unfortunately, there is no cloud rendering services for Octane that I’m aware of. That is until they release their own.

  • Is this a paid advertisement?

    • Absolutely not. We researched many cloud options out there and decided to align ourselves with what we believe to be the best value/experience in cloud rendering available right now. With many cloud rendering options out there, we wanted to give our customers a place where we could guarantee that our tools would “just work” and would be affordable for all. Thanks for the comment!

  • This looks really good. Being able to free up me PC so I can continue to work is awesome.
    So cheap it’s insane!!
    Thanks again GSG.

  • Really interested in this! Will you guys be doing a walkthrough of setting up a render in c4d and submitting to pixel plow? Or do you know of any similar videos? I’ve tried a few quick scene tests but I’m not sure things are working right – and I’m sure its my fault. ha.

  • Chad quick question, You said it supports Arnold, does that include the Alshaders as well or will it kick back an error?

  • Can you make a tutorial how to prepare the scene files in order to get correct output files? That would be great.

  • I’ve tried these guys a few times and never had a single render completed… everytime I send anything it always errors…. the support team is terrible and never answer the questions you give them… they just send you a sarcastic comment back with maybe a screen shot from their website which doesn’t answer your question…. oh and the website… wow, its truly terrible… so hard to get any info you might want.

    I’ve tried several different farms and I have found RenderStorm really great… the customer services is exceptional and the rates are very very competitive.

    And now the warning… whatever you do NEVER use RebusFarm… they are nothing but crooks who rape you for your money… my company used them and they charged me over 700euro for a single frame (3500pixel square still) that on RenderStorm only cost me 23Euro. We contacted the managing director and he and his team were pretty much… ‘what you going to do about it? we have your money and you can’t do anything’.


    • Strange. We haven’t had any issues with Pixel Plow erroring out or not returning frames. Can you elaborate on your specific problem?

      • Hi Chad
        Its not specific to your plugin or any of GSG’s great tools… I create very large single frame still images 3500px plus for my clients and I’ve never had a single successful render from PixelPlow. I’ve given up tbh as the support is terrible (if you even get a reply).

    • gotta agree about the pixel plow website – sort it out guys its **** awful! no search feature, no nothing, took a while to figure out.

      The price is soooo good though, and gotta agree about rebusfarm too – those guys are taking the piss – worked out what id be charged for a job im working on – came out $350 on rebus, $40 on pixel plow. cant argue with that!

      pixel plow did screw up the motion vector pass on my project somehow though. waiting for a response from them still

      • Hi Bevlak
        I’m glad I’m not the only one with the PixelPlow/Rebus issues.
        I’d be really interested to see if the job you sent to PP for $40 comes in any cheaper/faster with RenderStorm.
        They give free credits for your first render and the CEO Oliver Baltuch is awesome… he goes above and beyond every time I have any questions…he’s a pleasure to deal with every time and nothing is a problem.
        Great service.

  • Loving it as far, installed agent, uploaded scene and tested few frames with C4D and Arnold all in 15 minutes. Amazing.

    Thanks GSG!

  • I tried to send a job via pixel plow agent (c4d+c4dtoa) but it dindnt work, the job was still 0% and 0 frames done after more than 20$ cost. I had to stop the job. I thank Chad to suggest us this farm but a tutorial would be useful to avoid making mistakes or send 10000000$ jobs. Before I was using RebusFarm and it worked well but then they stopped the arnold service (???) without giving any reason. I wonder if it really exist a render farm for c4dtoa that works well.

  • had some problems Pixel plow as well. Didn’t render from camera. A tutorial vid would be great if you had a moment.

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