Greyscalegorilla Licensing: Let’s Make This Simple

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Attention Greyscalegorilla Customers and Future Customers

Please give us a few minutes to read this through.

Some of our customers have let us know that our current software licensing may not be clear. We have recently simplified our licensing to make it much easier for both of us and I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of it.

Why All These Changes?

It’s been a long journey for us to find the best way to serve our customers and to build a sustainable software company.

As we grew, we tried many things. Some things worked, some didn’t. Last year’s “Renew Every Year” model was confusing and obviously not a good fit for us and most of our customers.

Solution: We Have Simplified our Licensing

As of October 2016, we began offering standard software licensing. What does this mean? In simple terms, it means we follow similar licensing practices as our software peers like Maxon, X-Particles, or Red Giant.

  1. What you buy, you own. No yearly fees or maintenance charges.
  2. You can always download your current software.
  3. Upgrade pricing will be available as we come out with significant upgrades to our products (Example: from Version 1.5 to 2.0).
  4. Smaller updates and releases will be free to current customers of that software (Example: from Version 1.0 to 1.5).

A Quick Example

If you own “Example Product 2.0” you will be able to continue to download and use the current version of “Example Product 2.0” without needing to upgrade or renew anything. If we come out with “Example Product 3”, then you will have the option of getting that at a discounted price since you are a registered owner of “Example Product 2.0”.

You do not have to pay for software that doesn’t get updated. You will also never lose access or pay for your access to your downloads.

In fact, our recently refreshed site also gives you the ability to log in and download your software at any time.

Expect Industry Standard Licensing

We are making a concentrated effort to keep our licensing simple from now on. Thanks for growing with us and putting up with all these changes.

From here on out, you can expect unique products and tools, not unique licensing terms. We will try to keep in step with other software companies that you purchase from to make it easy to understand for both of us.

Thanks again for joining us and being a valued Greyscalegorilla customer. We have a big year planned ahead and we appreciate you joining and supporting us.


Greyscalegorilla Inc.

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  • Good job Nick, I didn’t even realize you were doing yearly fees until now ( which scares the hell out of me ) especially since I’m anticipating this sale next week. Thanks for listening, great plugins and software.

  • Can’t thank you enough for doing this. I will continue to be a satisfied customer : )

  • Nice… I avoid subscriptions like the plague.
    Long live CS6! 😉

  • An excellent policy from the makers of excellent products. Cheers to you.

  • Good Idea Nick!
    Waiting for new HDRI studio with floor reflections for C4d r18 😉

  • I don’t even know if my old software with you works on r18, because I’ve been doing without it, since the subscription model came in. I’ve skipped on trying to install any of it, it’s time consuming. You need to tell me if it still works.

    • I’m also curious about this, I had owned and used a lot of GSG software and since all this subscription complexity arrived, I was unable to install anything. Are the old licenses still valid?

      • Thanks for the questions. First, any software you purchased before should be available when you login to your account. Just click on “Customer Login” above. Second, all of our current software works with R18.

        There are a few updates coming soon to fix some small bugs with Transform and HDRI Studio Rig in R18, but for the most part, we are up to date on everything.

        Let me know if that answers your questions.

        Thanks for being customers!

  • Do I have to buy the plugs all over again juste to enable rhe updates? I bought it last year. Or will my current versions be able to update?

  • Hi Nick,

    Now my big question is answered and nothing stands between me and the sale next week. I’m happy you changed your licensing practice again and away from this yearly fees. Your products are really great, but to pay a fee every year was too much.

    Thank you very much and i’ll come back next Tuesday.


  • Both thumps up on this decision. I am back in the boat with gsg.

  • How much will the Animation Fundamentals course cost.
    Could not find the price anywhere. Cheers.

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