X-Particles Sale Is Over

November 22, 2016 - By 

The X-Particles Sale Is Over
But here is some good news for your wallet. Save 40%-65% off Everything GSG Sale is this Tuesday at 8AM CST.

Get 40% off all of the Greyscalegorilla Plugins and Training One Day Only.

Learn More About The Sale Here

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  • Hi, I work with a Mac and a PC, is it possible to use this license for both computers? or I need to buy 2 licenses? Thanks in advance.

  • Awesome. Is the price including VAT?

  • Hey, I have a student license for the next 12 months and was wondering if it’s a dumb idea to get this without owning my license?
    If it isn’t a stupid idea, what license does the student license resemble most? Studio, Prime, or Broadcast?

  • Hi nick,

    Awesome deal!
    Would it be possible to use this with a 3-month studio R18 license and then, in the future, use it with a full license (when I can afford it)?

    What I’m asking is whether x-particles can migrate between different versions of C4D licenses?


  • Ive been waiting to get x-particles for a while…going to take advantage of ur sale!

  • It would be awesome if you could do a sales package for upgraders as well. I have x-particles 2.5 and have to upgrade because R18 won’t work with 2.5.

  • Is xparticles 3.5

  • Is it X-Particles 3.5?

  • Does this new version of X-particles work with older versions of C4d? From what version is it compatible with, C4d R14?

  • can this offer be combined with an academic discount?

  • Hello, i’ve just taken advantage of this sale, where can i find the 30 scene files and tutorials included with the bundle?

  • Wow! I was so close to pulling the trigger on this 2 weeks ago when I got Cycles 4d! I’m so glad I didn’t. This is exciting.

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