HDRI Studio Rig 2.142 Update

December 15, 2016 - By 

Attention HDRI Studio Rig Customers:

Update to HDRI Studio & Browser to version 2.142
New Features:
  • HDRI Studio’s Icon can be double clicked in the Object Manager to open HDRI Browser quickly.
  • New “Show all” feature in HDRI Browser to view every single HDRI in your collection at one time.
  • HDRI Browser remembers all settings when layout is saved
  • HDRI Studio and Browser are now compatible with Cinema 4D’s Take system so you can quickly iterate through different looks.
  • In R18 HDRI Browser loads the low-res version of the selected HDRI into the viewports “Environmental override” channel. This allows a realtime preview of the HDRI in the viewport when OpenGL with Reflections is turned on.
  • HDRI Browser can be linked to remote “Packs” folder via the “Change Directory” option. This allows for a large collection of HDRIs to live on a different drive and for multiple versions of C4D to share the same folder saving you from having to duplicate potentially tens of gigabits worth of HDRIs
Bug Fixes:
  • R18 Reflective floor bug fixed
HDRI Expansion Pack Customers note:

In this update you may notice that your HDRI Expansion pack names have changed and now match what is found in our online store. We apologize in advance if this change causes any missing texture errors, however they are easily remedied by re-selecting the appropriate HDRI in the Browser. This new naming system will allow for us to create a better on-going experience for our customers.

If you own HDRI Studio Rig, you can download your update in the customer area. Don’t own it? We can fix that! Check it out here!

  • pressmsjphotography-com December 15, 2016 at 11:51 pm

    Excited to see this update, guys! I haven’t had time to watch the video yet, but just installed the update and no longer see all of the HDR packs that I own in the Browser. What’s the trick for relinking to them? Is it merely “Change Directory” and point to all my packs or is there another solution? Thanks!

    • Hi, sorry you’re having trouble. There were some installation instructions sent along with the update. I recommend checking those out and if that doesn’t help, hit up our support page. Thanks!

  • Great work! And one problem could you help me out here? I have bought one but due to my poor quality of the web I tried to download it for several times until it said, “Sorry but you have hit your download limit for this file.” How can I do to re-download it? Thanks a lot!
    P.S. I have sent emails to the supporting email, but I haven’t got response yet. Please HELP~~~~

  • Hi Chad, that’s great news! Glad to hear, that i can finally store the whole collection (12Gigs in my case) beside my own collection (sIBL i.e.) at one common place on an external drive! Saves a lot of space on my system drive!
    Thank you and have a nice, calm holidays!

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    just wondering if the GSG HDRI Studio Octane Link Tag is available yet?

    Thanks guys,

  • How does one get the “add HDRI” button to work if you have purchased HDI Studio and Packs?

  • How does one get the “add HDRI” inside “TopCoat” to work if you have purchased HDRI Studio and packs?.

  • henningobliviondesign-no December 29, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    There’s something wonky with the Pro Studios (at least). After relinking to the new path (in itself a bit of a pain to do on every work file I am currently working on), the new HDRI STUDIO vol2 0001.exr image is over four times brighter than the old .hdr image, and even if I try reducing the Brightness (from 100 % to 22-point-something), I’m still unable to replicate the exact look I have already presented to the client. Is there something I have been missing?

    I really appreciate and love your work on these tools (I’ve bought them all!), but I need to sort this out!

    • We apologize about the naming and pathing changes. Unfortunately, that change was a necessary evil if we are to move forward with new expansion packs. However, this should be the last change of this kind. As for your brightness issue, please hit us up on support so we can fully track and resolve that issue for you. Thanks for being a customer!

  • Hello GSG and Happy New Year!
    This question is a prepurchase one:
    Will this plugin work with NextLimit’s Maxwell Render?
    I know that there are many 3rd party renderers out there, and support for all of them can be difficult. I was just wondering how/if this tool can be incorporated into my workflow using Maxwell Render.
    Thanks in advance for your time.

    • HDRI Studio Rig will only work with Physical and Standard Renderer. But our upcoming HDRI Link plugin will work with many third party renderers. We haven’t tried it with Maxwell yet, but we are planning on it. You can sign up for more news about HDRI Link, here. greyscalegorilla.com/hdri-link

  • Would I be able to get my own HDR/HDRI collection to show in the browser if I chose a folder, similar to how it was done in the video? Or does it only show files from the add-on packs? Would I be able to see the HDRI’s from Light Kit Pro if placed in that global folder?


  • Hi team GSG, my HDRI studio rig dosent work on my R17 (i can’t see the HDRI browser). But he work fine on my R16. Any ideas?


  • Hey Guys,

    i love your work and tutorials. Thanks for all the great stuff.

    Will hdri studio rig work with C4D R19?
    At the moment i work with version r18, but want to update soon.

    Can you reply or show a video with r19 and hdri studio rig as proof?

    Or will be there an update again?
    At youtube i´ve seen r19 with hdri studio rig won´t work. So i´m confused.


  • Hi there. Love the products. I am looking to exclude an object from the HDR reflections, while other objects will still receive them. I tried to use a compositing tag on the rig and exclude it, but it doesn’t seem to work. Can you please advise?

    Thanks in advance!
    Paul Melluzzo

    • Yes same thing here. Did you figure it out? It would be nice if they would put a seen by reflection button on the floor. The floor keeps jacking up any shots from a low angle

  • SAME HERE!!!

    Hi there. Love the products. I am looking to exclude an object from the HDR reflections, while other objects will still receive them. I tried to use a compositing tag on the rig and exclude it, but it doesn’t seem to work. Can you please advise?

    Thanks in advance!
    Paul Melluzzo

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