GSG Quiz: What Renderer Should I use in Cinema 4D?

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This is not Scientific, it’s for Fun.

Just had to get that out of the way. This is the one question I get asked the most. It’s also the hardest question to answer. I hope this fun quiz will shed some light on your dilemma or maybe reinforce a decision you’ve already made.

If I left you out, I’m sorry.

I simply couldn’t add every single renderer that works with Cinema 4D, I have a job you know! I stuck to the ones that I use and that my group of friends use. This way I could bug them to take it a million times to check its accuracy. Jokes on them! However, maybe if we get a ton of people taking the quiz it will inspire me to do aΒ more thorough version.

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  • Corona man πŸ™‚ Where is it? We are running render farm (commercial one) and really – maaannyyy studios which are making arch.viz stuff are switching from Vray to Corona (with 3dmax of course).
    Arnold is used in high-end production. Yes, its fast. Yes, its easy to learn-use – but its weak at some regions (like arch.viz/glass etc). Also if you want really good quality render time like 12h are are just common.
    Vray – its like “old-skool-100 parameters-setting”. Yeah, they made those switched “basic/advanced/expert” for all options, but it takes like a year to get it learned well.
    Octane – nice & fast – if you got 4x TitanX on the board
    C4Ds Advanced / Physical – got everything from all this worlds πŸ™‚ Works perfect for me from 4.2Pro Amiga version πŸ˜‰

  • Nice quiz πŸ˜‰
    It’s unsurprisingly Arnold for me. Already using and loving it.
    BUT: I am constantly jealous of Octanes and other GPU renderers render times (hopefully Solidangle will release a GPU Arnold soon)
    The only other thing I miss is hard caustics.

  • Quite true, although I own both Mac and PC, I do prefer my PC for heavy lift rendering.

    “Nice! You value quality and features over anything else. Either that, or you still own a mac. ;)”

  • Nice quiz, thanks.
    For me it says “Redshift” which really is a shame since IΒ΄ve already been waiting for it quite some time. Sadly it seems like there are no real news or a release date in sight. :-/

    • There is a redshift alpha out, I just emailed the company and they sent me an alpha code and download link. So far its pretty good and fun to play with, with a lot of features already working. Much more complicated than octane or corona, but after you get the settings right, is way faster for good results, specifically with heavy GI.

  • What about Cycles 4D?

  • Hi, I am wondering why Cycles 4D doesn’t get any attention at all. It is very affordable and plays well with xParticles, so I had expected that GSG would give it some spotlight and tutorials. Can we hope for it?

  • I found having to pick only one choice, perhaps too confining, e.g., Mac or PC. I use both. Physical renderer – I would check both not fast enough and features, and so forth. Obviously extra effort, and maybe quiz software doesn’t allow for secondary or greater statistics.

  • My answer was Redshift, which is pretty funny since that’s the one I’m the most interested in right now. I’m an Octane user, and like it a lot, but in playing with the alpha for Redshift, I’m really seeing some things I like.

  • That you be polite and show how we can speed up the rendering when useing the V-Ray? Thanks in advance.

  • I can’t get myself to like Arnold, I find it to be painfully slow unless you have gpu rendering which I don’t. Vray still remains my best choice as well as Corona for 3ds Max.

  • corona all the way man!!!! Best and fastest render engine for cinema 4d…and its still technically free! cant beat that!

  • Wait, but what I’m actually the type of person that should use Corona? or Cycles4D? or Furry Ball? Tachyon? V Ray? Maxwell? Indigo? Nvidia IRay? Thea?

    Did I miss any? haha

  • Hi,
    Physical and Maxwell V3 I’m on Mac

  • This was a very fun little quiz. Generally I could care less about any quiz, but I enjoyed this. I got Redshift as my result which is not surprising to me as it is the engine I’m most focused on / excited about. Redshift all day baby! I’m using the Alpha right now and like what I’ve seen so far. That said I’ve only spent an hour on it.
    I’ve also just picked up Cycles4D to take advantage of it’s power with X-Particles.
    So many beautiful options. We really are spoiled for choice, and what an exciting time it is to work in CG.

  • This ‘Quiz’ is misinformative without Vray/Cycles/Maxwell in the mix. You should add a disclaimer, you really can’t advise on what renderer to use when you haven’t considered all options.

    • Well, we did say it’s just for FUN! πŸ˜‰ As in not serious or even scientific in the least way.

  • I got Arnold, so I guess I need to try it.

    Using Octane but with my puny single GPU it’s not perfect. Also I can’t use it for animations as render farms can’t support it so I use Physical.

    I wish Maxon would give us a built in GPU renderer.

  • Wow…this thing is highly biased against Octane.
    It’s hard to imagine how one might have to answer to get an Octane result.

    As an Octane user who has tried Redshift (and still prefers Octane)…I still get Redshift result.

  • Now now Chad – You know there can be no fun in the Render Wars!

  • Funny I am using Redshift. You should play foretelling too.

  • I’m using a Mac with an eGPU, so the result I got (Arnold) is probably not accurate. I’m sticking with Octane for now.

  • Will the New IMac Pro with the “Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics processor with 16GB of HBM2 memory” card be able to run Octane or Redshift?

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