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If you have had X-Particles on your “Someday Maybe List”, you may want to grab it today.


Well, if you buy a new license of X-Particles 3.5 today, you will get a free upgrade to X-Particles 4.0 when it comes out on December 5th.

This means you can start using X-Particles 3.5 in your Cinema 4D Projects now and then get the highly anticipated 4.0 update and all of the new features to use as soon as it’s Insydium makes it available to the public in December.

If you have been thinking about getting X-Particles for an upcoming project, be sure to check out this incredible deal that is going on over at the store.

Visit our X-Particles page to learn more about what’s new in XP4 and get your license today.

Who Is This Offer Good For?

This offer is only available for New X-Particles Licenses and not upgrades.

Current X-Particles owners can upgrade their license to X-Particles 4.0 starting December 4th. Stay tuned for more details!

Want to Learn X-Particles 3.5 AND 4.0 Quickly?

We made The Gorilla Guide To X-Particles to do Just that.

Get our best selling X-Particles training and get up to speed with XP 3.5 and 4.0 when it comes out later this year.

It’s the best way to dig in DEEP with X-Particles and learn what this robust plugin can do for your next client.

Learn More about The Gorilla Guide To X-Particles

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  • So if i wait until december, i have to pay around $ 850? Instead of now $ 649?

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