Cineversity Tutorial: Learning Cinema 4D Through Experimentation

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Cineversity Tutorial: Learning Cinema 4D Through Experimentation - Shaders

GIF via Cineversity / Zachary Corzine.

This is a must-watch presentation on learning Cinema 4D through experimentation and exploration. Watch as Zachary Corzine guides you through his C4D projects.

This hands-on approach to learning Cinema 4D is the best way to discover features and tools. You really have to see Zachary breakdown his use of the Cloner, Effectors, and Dynamics all together to create these stunning renders.

Here’s a glimpse at the projects he is going to breakdown.

Cineversity Tutorial: Learning Cinema 4D Through Experimentation - Overview

Image via Cineversity / Zachary Corzine.

Zachary will demonstrate how the Follow Position and Rotation options in Cinema 4D’s Rigid-Body Dynamics can be used to create dynamic simulations that are art-directable with shaders and effectors.

You’ll also see him use the Blend mode within the Cloner object to make it easy to transition objects between various states, like cube to sphere, static to dynamic, or from metallic to glass.

This is a true master class in C4D’s MoGraph toolset will inspire you to create your own outstanding animations through exploration.

Special thanks to Cineversity for the recording, and many thanks for Maxon for having so many great presenters at their 2018 NAB booth.

Here’s a timestamped breakdown of the presentation.

00:00 – Introduction
02:38 – Shader-Driven Dynamics
09:35 – Coloring Clones with Octane’s Mograph Color Node
13:07 – Adding Interest with Turbulence and Noise Falloff
16:21 – Effectors Triggering Dynamics
17:30 – Morphing between shapes with Cloner Blend mode and Modify Clone
20:16 – Transitioning Dynamic States with MoGraph Effectors
21:23 – Blending between materials with Octane Mix Material
23:28 – Adding Dynamic Forces
25:10 – Simulated Soft-Body Dynamics with Displace Deformer
27:24 – Blending Clone Deformations
31:22 – Source Falloff
33:28 – Procedural C4D Pong

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Cineversity Tutorial: Learning Cinema 4D Through Experimentation - Skull

Image via Zachary Corzine.

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  • It’s really good!!

  • Nice bookmarked for later 🙂

    Id prefer to see a real tutorial on IK rigging in depth.. there hasnt been one for years come on GSG get your finger out!

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