Cineversity Tutorial: Making Comedic Graphics and Bumpers for Television

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Learn the tricks Motion Designer Sarah Wickliffe uses when she creates graphics for The Onion, Comedy Central, and other networks.

Creating satirical news pieces requires work to be completed incredibly fast. In this Cineversity presentation, Sarah Wickliffe shows you how she quickly creates pieces for The Onion News Network, The Chew on ABC, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central, and The Rundown with Robin Thede on BET.

In this tutorial Designing for Comedy TV: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love from Cineversity at NAB, Wickliffe shares her journey from 2D character animator and motion designer, to 3D graphics in Cinema 4D. In her presentation, Wickliffe shows you how to create a fast-moving graphic using only one render of 3D text. Then she will showcase a 3D breaking news graphic, and finish her presentation with breakdown of her ideation and design process for the show opener for The Rundown with Robin Thede.

Here is a timestamped breakdown courtesy of Cineversity.

00:00 – Intro
01:51 – Reel
03:19 – Career Story
05:56 – The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
07:41 – ‘Murica Bumper
09:24 – Building 3D Type
10:57 – Making Beveled Edges
13:25 – Working with Preset Materials
16:35 – Lighting with GSG Light Kit Pro
20:29 – Render a Still and Fake It
22:38 – How to Time your Copy
23:24 – Tips for Visual Comedy
27:03 – Breaking News Graphic
29:27 – Project Breakdown
30:23 – Making Grates
37:41 – Show Open for “The Rundown” with Robin Thede
40:24 – Finding the Prism Concept
42:28 – Branding Exercises
44:02 – Animating the Cube
47:23 – Sweeping Lines
50:49 – Conclusion

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Sarah Wickliffe was also part of the Women in Motion Graphics panel hosted by Maxon. The panel was put together to shed light on the challenges female motion designers face every day, and what changes could be adopted in the industry to close the gender gap.

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