Cineversity Tutorial: 3D Design for Non-Technical Artists

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A 2D artist’s guide to 3D design and using Cinema 4D for commercial projects.

In this Cineversity presentation with Nate Rodriguez-Vera, you’ll see easy ways to get started with 3D design. You’ll hear about his personal journey from music to design, all leading to his commercial 3D work.

He offers advice for artists transitioning into 3D work and then dives into some of his commercial projects. Rodriguez-Vera shows you how to arrange simple shapes with Booleans to make geometric designs, and also breakdowns a Trident spot.

Cineversity Tutorial: 3D Design for Non-Technical Artists - Trident Gum

GIF via Nate Rodriguez-Vera / Cineversity.

The Trident commercial uses Cinema 4D’s Cloner object and Dynamics with a fluid simulation using X-Particles.

He concludes his presentation by arranging simple models and using the power of exploiting perspective to create ads that hightlight Camper shoes.

Thanks for Cineversity for the presentation, and special thanks to Maxon for hosting these speakers.

Timestamp breakdown courtesy of Cineversity.

04:46 – Nate’s Journey
17:24 – Client Projects
21:39 – Keep it Procedural – Booleans
26:11 – Pick the Right Tools
27:36 – Cloner and Dynamics in Trident Spot
29:38 – Simple Fluid Simulation with X-Particles
31:49 – Let Someone Else do the Grunt Work
33:40 – Trident Gum Package Rig
36:30 – Exploiting Perspective (Camper)

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