Cineversity Tutorial: Commercial Production Workflows for Freelancers

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Master your Cinema 4D workflow with these great tips and tools that designer Zachary Corzine uses on his projects for Audi, Odwalla, and Del Taco.

After talking about tips and tricks for freelancers working remotely with the The Freelancer’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving When Working At Home, let’s hop into this great presentation on the commercial production workflow for freelancers from Zach Corzine.

You may recall Corzine’s fantastic presentation Learning Cinema 4D Through Experimentation. (If you haven’t seen it, it’s really a must-watch.) In this follow-up presentation, he talks about creating an efficient workflow for production, including some of the tools he uses with Cinema 4D.

Corzine with show you how he approached four different projects, and the techniques he used to get the job done. For his Odwalla campaign, you’ll see him use the MoGraph toolset and Cloner object extensively, then using Signal to fill in the scene.

For Audi, Corzine developed several rapid design prototypes, leaning heavily on Camera Projection techniques in the Octane render engine.

Cineversity Tutorial: Commercial Production Workflows for Freelancers - Audi

Images via Zachary Corzine.

In an animation for _blankRepository, Corzine had to find a way to showcase the site’s 3D food scans. With the C4D MoGraph toolset, he was able to create dynamic simulations of food flying off a table.

Finally, in a promotion for Del Taco, Corzine used layered displacements and noise-based falloff to create an art-directable landscape. He also utilized Octane’s Scatter feature to fill the landscape with foliage.

To wrap up his presentation, he outlines some of his favorite Cinema 4D features for efficiency, including the layer system, Takes, Tokens (including the CV-Tokens plugin), the Selection Object, and Vertical Tags.

Ready? Let’s hop in. Thanks for Cineversity for the presentation, and to Maxon for hosting all these great speakers.

Timestamp courtesy of Cineversity

03:25 – Odwalla Project Overview
05:10 – Kaleidoscopic Effects with Radial Cloner and GSG Signal
10:47 – Cloner Helix Animation
16:17 – Audi A3 and Q7 Rapid Concepting
18:08 – Camera Projection with Octane
22:39 – Topographic Platforms
24:34 – _blankRepository Promo
27:01 – Using Dynamics to Fill a Bowl with Objects
29:33 – Animating a Dynamic Wave with Attractors and GSG Signal
35:05 – Del Taco Project
36:24 – Art-Directable Landscape with Displace Deformer and Falloffs
39:14 – Adding Trees with Octane Scatter
40:42 – Varying Light Density through Clouds
42:06 – Tools for Efficiency – Layers
43:09 – Tools for Efficiency – Takes and Tokens
44:28 – Tools for Efficiency – Selection Object and Vertical Tags
46:24 – Closing Thoughts

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