Cineversity Tutorial: Modeling and Animating a Main Title Sequence

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Discover the creative process behind Mike Judge’s Tales from the Tour Bus title sequence from storyboard to completion.

Penelope Nederlander is a two-time Emmy-nominated art director and digital artist. She’s been using Cinema 4D for 16 years, and has worked freelance, as a creative director, and now works at Austin-based Rooster Teeth.

In addition to her animation and motion design work, Nederlander has worked in VFX departments for films like Iron Man, The Aviator, and Superman Returns, as well as music videos for Dolly Parton and The Killers. She also worked on the stereoscopic version of the MGM lion logo.

She has frequently collaborated with L.A. studio Shine on several main title sequences for films and shows like Kung Fu Panda, Pitch Perfect, and more. In this presentation, she will go behind her work on the main titles for Mike Judge’s Cinemax show, Tales from the Tour Bus.

She’ll show you the storyboards for the project, then how she approached creating the sequence in three steps.

She’ll cover modeling the main elements, then animating the show title, and finally how she used her Cinema 4D files as footage to tweak the timing in After Effects.

Cineversity Tutorial: Modeling and Animating a Main Title Sequence - Titles

Storyboard and final title via Penelope Nederlander / Shine / Cinemax.

Thanks to Cineversity for the recording, and to Maxon for hosting the speakers.

Let’s dive in.

Here’s the timestamp courtesy of Cineversity:

01:28 – Demo Reel
04:38 – Boards for the Project
05:12 – Opening Titles for Tales from the Tour Bus
06:15 – Outline of Presentation Items
07:50 – Modeling the Tour Bus for the Opening Titles
22:30 – Creating and Animating the Lanyard and Badge Element
39:26 – Compositing and Timing in After Effects

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Twitter – @BaffledByFoxes

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