The Top Ten New Features in Light Kit Pro 3

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Want to learn more about the Light Kit Pro 3 plugin for Cinema 4D? Here are our top ten new features in action.

Did you know Light Kit Pro 3 is the biggest plugin ever built by Greyscalegorilla? It’s so much more than just lights! Packed into the over 13,000 lines of code are tons of new features, tools, presets, and more.

The Top Ten New Features in Light Kit Pro 3 - Position

Sure, Light Kit Pro 3 introduces some nice new things, like customizable studio presets, a searchable Light Kit Browser, dockable palette icons, and a PC and Mac installer so you can get up and running in no time, but there are ten standout new features that we think you have to know about. 

Top Ten New Features in Light Kit Pro 3

Chad Ashley breaksdown his 10 favorite features in Light Kit Pro 3.

Chad’s Top Ten Features:

  1. Render Switch
  2. Cast Light / Reflected Light
  3. Light Kit Studio Object
  4. Cyc Objects
  5. Viewport Modes
  6. Expose Light
  7. Soft Edge, Imperfections, and Gradients
  8. Solo Light
  9. Position Controls
  10. Light Types and Controls

Get Light Kit Pro 3

The Top Ten New Features in Light Kit Pro 3 - Offer

Buy Light Kit Pro 3 before 9/12/18 and get an additional 80 studio presets for free! That’s $98 in savings. 

All customers who purchased Light Kit Pro (versions 1-2) in the past are eligible for upgrade pricing. Login to your Greyscalegorilla account to take $100 off your upgrade.

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What’s your favorite new feature? Let us know in the comments below.

  • WOW TEAM GSG! Guys, this update is awesome! I’ll leave it at that, otherwise I’ll be typing all night. Great work ???

  • Excited about LKP3, but am I reading correctly that it is not compatible with Arnold? I’m crashing a lot since install.

  • Hi, looks great, but where do i find the R20 Mac Version?
    best regards

  • okay, I’m surprised you’re releasing an R19 version while R20 is released. Will the update be free because I will never use this version?

  • Hey guys,

    Just installed LKP-3, first impressions are it’s fantastic!!! really worth the upgrade.

    Great work.

  • I have a lot of crashes with the new LKP and R20. About 5 to 10 crashes per day, while there are maybe one or two a month usually. MAXON MSA Support advises to uninstall the plugin. Any updates planned?

  • Christian Nießing July 20, 2019 at 12:37 pm

    Hey I have one mybe simple question. I have two lights created. One is above the other. How can I prevent the lower light / softbox to cast a shaddow on the floor but just light the object?

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