Everything You Need to Know About Cinema 4D R20

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MAXON’s Cinema 4D R20 is officially out. Are you already using R20? Here’s what you need to know.

The much-anticipated release 20 of Cinema 4D had users salivating over all the big new features, and now you can start experimenting with Fields, node-based materials, and much more!

Already downloaded R20 and have a few questions? Here’s what you need to know. 

What you need to know about R20

Cinema 4D R20 is available now from Maxon. As in the past, multiple versions are available.

  • Cinema 4D Studio R20 – $3,695 New | $995 Upgrade
  • Cinema 4D Visualize R20 – $2,295 New | $795 Upgrade
  • Cinema 4D Broadcast R20 – $1,695 New | $595 Upgrade
  • Cinema 4D Prime R20 – $995 New | $395 Upgrade

Multi-seat licenses are also available for studios, teams, and departments.

If you just installed R20, you may have already noticed that many things have changed. One of the biggest changes is the way that third-party plugins are installed. The newest release of Cinema 4D has a new core, meaning nearly every plugin must be rebuilt.

Cinema 4D R20 Icons

Trying to tell your Cinema 4D releases apart? As in years past, we have put together some free icons for you to use. Click the button below to download the R20 icon.

Download Now

Third-Party Plugins

With this latest release, you will have to return to each of the vendors you purchased plugins for to get the latest updated version for R20.

For Greyscalegorilla plugins, we’ve been updating Your Products and Training section with the new R20 versions for Mac and PC. Go grab them now in your Greyscalegorilla account.

The following Greyscalegorilla Plugins are R20 compatible with the free updated download:

Here’s what you need to know about the third-party plugin support.

Will X-Particles be R20 Compatible?

Insydium, the makers of X-Particles, have announced that X-Particles 4 will be compatible with R20. The estimated launch date is November 1st. Early Access Members can start testing X-Particles 4 in the coming days.

You can read more about the beta here.

Third-Party Rendering

Are you using a third-party render engine with C4D? Updates are starting to rollout, but not all are publicly available.

Redshift 2.6.21+ and Arnold C4DtoA are now compatible with R20. Some betas of other engines are currently available for testers, like Octane.

Keep in mind, this is still a new release, so you may run into some issues on occasion while developers are still searching for and patching bugs.

If your career and livelihood depend on you working today, we’d advise you to keep using R19 and current stable plugins and render engines while things are fine tuned. You can always upgrade once all your necessary tools are stable in R20. 

Major New R20 Features

R20 introduces a ton of new features. So many, there’s no way we could count them all.

In fact, we even enlisted some help to teach you about Cinema 4D R20. Matthew O’Neill, also known as Mash, form 3D Fluff has joined the Greyscalegorilla team.

In his first GSG tutorial, Mash will show you the key new features in R20, including Volumes, Nodes, and CAD imports.

Mash also leads the primary training portion of the new Greyscalegorilla Guide to Cinema 4D R20. More on that down below.

Even More New Features in R20

In addition to the key features Mash covers, Chris Schmidt took a deep dive into R20 and covers as many new features as he can, especially the features that caught his attention. Dive into Fields, advanced modeling tools, and much more.

Node-Based Materials

Node-based materials and an entire new node work space was also introduced in R20. Chad Ashley shows you a lot of the impressive new features in this video.

Favorite New Features and Free R20 Scene Files

At Siggraph 2018, the team got together to present all of our favorite new features, and you can also download our free R20 scene files.

Everything You Need to Know About Cinema 4D R20 - Example

Siggraph Presentations:

Everything You Need to Know About Cinema 4D R20 - Fields

Want the full list of all the new features? It’s a long one. You can read the whole list here.

Greyscalegorilla Guide to Cinema 4D R20

Are you busy with projects, and need a way to learn Cinema 4D R20 as quickly as possible? The new Greyscalegorilla Guide to Cinema 4D R20 includes over 12 hours of training. Learn from all four instructor above, as Nick, Chris, Chad, and Matthew all teach you about R2o.

Everything You Need to Know About Cinema 4D R20 - Titles

Learn about all the new tools through a series of deep dives into Fields, Volumes, Nodes, and more. Then take everything you’ve learned and work through a series of project-based tutorials teaching you many practical ways to start using these new features in your everyday workflow.

We have a ton of R20 tutorials and training coming your way. Stay tuned for more!

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