All GSG Plugins are Now Cinema 4D R20 Compatible

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All Greyscalegorilla Plugins are now R20 compatible, including Signal with a limited-time patch. Here’s what you need to know about these updates.

We’ve been working hard to get all of our plugins R20 compatible, and the last Greyscalegorilla plugin is now ready.

Previously, we covered that Cinema 4D R20 features an all core, breaking all existing plugins, requiring plugin creators to build new versions of their plugins.

All GSG Plugins are Now Cinema 4D R20 Compatible - Array

Signal was the last Greyscalegorilla plugin to be updated due to some existing limitations with R20. Here’s the fix.

Due to a temporary limitation in Cinema 4D R20, when a vector parameter is dragged onto Signal the SHIFT key needs to be held down. Otherwise only a single parameter will be driven, not all three.

MAXON estimates that the upcoming R20 build scheduled for early 2019 will fix this parameter issue, so until then you will need to use the SHIFT key when using vectors. We will make an announcement once the fix is applied.

The latest Signal, version 1.521, is now available in your Greyscalegorilla Account. You will also find all other R20 updates now available, including recent fixes to HDRI Link (Browser + Arnold patches) and new Light Kit Pro 3 installers.

Third-Party Plugins and R20

The following Greyscalegorilla Plugins are R20 compatible with the free updated download:

What about X-Particles for R20?

All GSG Plugins are Now Cinema 4D R20 Compatible - XP4

Want to know about X-Particles and R20? INSYDIUM has released the XP4 beta for R20, and you can learn more here.

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  • LightKit 3 does not work with C4D R20 and Octane 4 as expected.

    All lights default to black body and you cannot change the colors.

    You have to go to advanced, expose the light, and manually change it from blackbody on every single one of your setups. You also cant save that setup, it reverts back to blackbody every time you load in the preset.

    Please fix.

  • Yes, this is a little frustrating having just bought the Light Kit Pro 3 and Cinema 4D R20 + Octane.

    Literally none of the studio’s seem to work. Hope this can be resolved soon ; )

  • Hey Guys,

    The “HDRI Studio Rig” Browser also won´t work (doesn´t appear if you click at the Button “Browser”) within Maxon Cinema 4D R20.

    -HDRI Browser 2.146
    -HDRI Studio Rig 2.148

    It seems that “The Studio Rig” works fine, but the Browser doesn´t apper if you click the “Browser” Button within the HDRI Studio Rig.
    I can´t figure out where is the problem.



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