What We Know About X-Particles and Cinema 4D R20

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The X-Particles 4 beta for Cinema 4D R20 is available now from INSYDIUM, and a full release is scheduled for November.

INSYDIUM Ltd, the makers of X-Particles and Cycles 4D, have released the beta of X-Particles 4 for Cinema 4D R20. Here’s what you need to know.

What We Know About X-Particles and Cinema 4D R20 - Update

Image via INDSYDIUM Ltd.

Will X-Particles be compatible with Cinema 4D R20?

Yes, X-Particles 4 (and only XP4) will be R20 compatible. A beta (Build 623) is currently available through INSYDIUM’s Early Access Programme and a public released is slated for November 1st, 2018.

To make XP work with R20, INDYSIUM developed a Bridge plugin that helped adapt R14-R19 tools for the new R20 core. As we’ve previously covered, all developers must update their tools for the new Cinema 4D R20.

Does X-Particles 4 work with new R20 features?

Yes, XP4 was partially rebuilt specifically to make it compatible with the new R20 Fields.

What We Know About X-Particles and Cinema 4D R20 - Fields

Image via INDSYDIUM Ltd.

As for other changes, INSYDIUM released the following:

Due to the popularity of xpInfectio from the previous build, and some great customer feedback, we’ve focussed on perfecting this already popular tool. We’ve also created a new mode in VertexMap Maker ‘from seed’ and created the ability to add a Vertex Color Tag in the VertexMap Maker.

There is a new mode of operation in the xpWeight modifier and the ability to mesh volumes in the OpenVDB mesher. Take a look, we’ve got a few more features in there too.

What We Know About X-Particles and Cinema 4D R20 - openVDB

Image via INDSYDIUM Ltd.

How can I download the X-Particles 4 beta?

You must be a member of INSYDIUM’s Early Access Programme.

Don’t see the checkbox below? Install and Early Access version of X-Particles. The steps to do so are listed at the bottom of this page.

Once the Early Access version is installed, follow these steps to get the newest build.

What We Know About X-Particles and Cinema 4D R20 - EAP

  1. Go Edit menu > Preferences (hotkey Ctrl + E).
  2. Select X-Particles on the left.
  3. Tick the box ‘Show Early Access Updates’.
  4. X-Particles menu – Help and Support menu. Select – Check for X-Particles Online Updater.
  5. Click Check for updates now.
  • Hi.
    I purchased X-Particles 4 from your web page. I’m using the Cinema 4D R20.
    But Cinema 4D doesn’t see the plugin.
    What should I do?
    Thank you.

  • Hello.
    I would like to know because I’m thinking in buying X-Particles from your website when do you think your version will be updated to R20? Do you have a date in mind ?
    Thank you for your time.

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