Greyscalegorilla Is Hiring Artists, Educators, and Developers

January 30, 2019 - By 

Greyscalegorilla is looking for freelance motion designers, 3D artists, trainers, educators, and plugin developers.

We may look scary, but we’re actually about to fight over the last donut.

Greyscalegorilla is looking for talented motion designers, 3D artists, and developers who are tired of corporate projects and looking to work with a small creative team.

We are not looking for 3D rockstars or design ninjas, just genuinely good people.

Check out the jobs page for more details.

Current Openings:

  • After Effects + Element 3D Artist (Contract Freelance)
  • Cinema 4D + Houdini Trainer (Contract Freelance)
  • Adobe CC After Effects Developer (Contract Freelance)
  • Content Creator / Educator (Freelance)

Interested in working with our small creative team? Browse our open positions on the Jobs page, and apply where you feel qualified.

These jobs are contract freelance positions. Pay and project length are based on experience.

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  • Hey Guys, Big Fan! I have pictures with you guys at NAB! he he

    I have a small studio, but it basically just me!

    I hope we could work together! I really Do! That will be awesome!

    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you soon.!



  • Hi guys,

    You mention you have employees working for you remotely within the US – would you consider further afield (say Berlin)?


  • Sup greyscale fam i am blessed to be here just want to say i have so much from you guys working with you hehe will be like a dream come true bruh i have learning for three yeats on the c4d big up greyscale and would be honoured if given the chance to work with you

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