It is now with a heavy heart, I write this post…

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Nine years ago I met the biggest Cinema 4D fan ever. This guy talked faster than I did, and he was so passionate about learning and teaching. After watching his live tutorial about Cinema 4D’s new dynamics system, I knew he should be a huge part of the future of Greyscalegorilla.

Chris Schmidt (and his two brothers, Danny and Joe) have brought enthusiasm and passion to absolutely everything they have worked on.

It is now with a heavy heart, I write this post…

Chris will be stepping down from his full-time position at Greyscalegorilla to pursue his new adventure in 3D. He and his brothers will continue working very closely with Greyscalegorilla on your favorite Cinema 4D plugins and tools.

Chris’s energy and passion for teaching are second to none and he will certainly be missed. We cannot wait to see what Chris and his two talented brothers do next.

We wish them all the best,
Nick + the Greyscalegorilla Team

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  • OMG !!!!!!!!!!
    Please tell me he will make tutorials again !!!!!

  • ASK gsg it’s over?

  • Thanks Chris!
    you helped me no end when I started teaching c4d at Bolton college years ago.
    Good luck and bon voyage.

  • May the force be with them, thanks for everything so far Chris !!!!!

  • Learned so much from that guy over the years. Best of luck Brothers Schmidt in your next adventures. Thank you!

  • Thanks and good luck for your new endeavour.
    Sad day indeed.

  • So sorry to hear that! Thank you Chris for your inspiring and enthusiastic way of teaching! It really saddens me since Chris’ tutorials have been my favorite part of GSG.
    When PC Chad came on and Nick (eventually) switched away from his Mac, all of GSG’s future seemed focused on RedShift and Octane and other things I can’t afford and don’t care much about. Chris’s tutorials were mostly for everyone and always inspired me.
    I completely understand GSG’s desire to shift, but the last part of GSG I can relate to has gone and in so closed this chapter in my 3D education. I wish GSG the best and thank them all for what they’ve given this poor but thirsty for knowledge adult. 🙂

  • Nooooooooooooo! Best of luck Chris. You are a super human being and have done so much for the C4D community.

  • Oh I thought he was dead !!! thanks god we are a family

  • Jacqueline Mueller February 22, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    Chris and his brothers will be missed. Best of luck and much success to all three!

  • Good luck Chris. Can’t wait to see what you get up to next 🙂

  • Wow. Guys. You were my inspiration to learn C4D. But the show must go on… Thx Chris and everyone who were a big part of my many hours of tutorials.

    Wish you all the best and look forward to seeing what you guys are up to. Don’t be a stranger ?

  • Say what! ? who will now do tutorials? ?

  • No! Effing! Way!

    Oh man. I feel like that’s gotta be hurting. Best wishes to all of you and thanks to Chris particularly for all the amazing weekly tips and tricks. The introduction to C4D is SO good.

  • You will be missed. Hope you carry on sharing you knowledge with us mere mortals.
    Thank you so much for your contributions over the years & all the best for the future.

  • Sad times! All the best Chris!

  • Ohh Noooooo

  • You will be missed, Chris! Thanks for all the tips and tricks over the years and best wishes on your next chapter <3

  • You will be missed, Chris! Thanks for all the tips and tricks!

    All The best!


  • Hey Chris,

    You have meant a lot to me over the years.

    Your tutorials have been inspiring, thoughtful, insightful, and fast.

    We all have a pause button while watching your videos. I have hit pause more times on your videos than any other.

    You are quick and i love it.

    Please be quick about telling us what you are doing.

    Good luck and never forget you are the reason i kept watching GSG.

    All my best to you,
    Love Red

  • Hey Chris …

  • Chris! You are a really straight forward man with an amazing attitude and a top notch teaching style. I will be looking forward to seeing what you do next!

    Good luck to you and your brothers!


  • People should not be sad. I for one am happy to hear him go next level. About time!

    Kick some ass Chris, no looking back!

  • Hey it’s Red…

    The best part of GSG is gone. I wish you well Chris. All my best in your future. Nick … How did you let him go? Bad move for GSG.

  • wish you all the best Chris !!!
    thanks a ton for what you’ve done for us

  • He will be sorely missed! In my opinion, he was the brains of GSG. His imaginative ways to explore the possibilities of C4D features, without the typical “look how cool I am” attitude that other presenters display, were by far my favorite posts on your site.

  • Recently heard about this… Wish you all the best, Chris, Nick, and the whole team at GSG!! You guys rock and I’ll be looking out to both your awesome C4D sweets!! Stay blessed!

  • Chris you are a genius and we hope to see you doing amazing with your future. A big thanks to nick who’s visionary approach in teaching has brought people like you in light. Don’t stop teaching you are fast but you are amazing. All the best

  • Chris Schmidt, great motivator and tutor for getting the most of Cinema 4D. For those who are wondering what he’s currently doing, C4D related, check out his C4D live streams:

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