The Killer New Tools and Features in X-Particles

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The new X-Particles gives you control of shattering, squishing, and exploding down to the particle level. Learn more about this big update.

INSYDIUM has released details on stellar new X-Particles features like xpShatter, xpDynamics, and xpQuickTools. These new features are available now with the Early Access Programme.

What’s New in X-Particles

The first big update is xpShatter, a particle based shattering system. The new object-breaking engine was designed to work seamlessly with the new xpDynamics.

Here’s a great overview from Bob Walmsley.

As mentioned above, xpDynamics is the other big new feature. This is a particle based dynamics solver for Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics. Check out the overview.

The last big new feature is xpQuickTools. These are 25 scene presets ready to help speed up your workflow.

More New Features and Updates

  • xpDisplayRender – Render generator allows you to render particle shapes you see in the Editor (circles, cubes, pyramids etc) and FlowField and Modifier Field Vectors.
  • xpMetaGroup – Powerful type of particle group.
  • xpSplineGrowth – Deformer to grow spline objects, Trails and Elektrix.
  • xpTrailTip Tag – Tag to add an object to tip of trail splines.
  • xpParticleSampleShader – Shader to colour objects from particle parameters.
  • Emission from Object – Rotation mode Tangential to Normal.
  • Colour Modifier – Colour from vertex tag, change particle shape.
  • Inherit Modifier – More options to inherit and control when inherited.
  • Spawn Modifier – Inherit UV emission data from source.
  • xpVertexMap – Vertex colour from particles.
  • Drag Modifier – Use Scene units and new Shatter mode.
  • Scale Modifier – Percentage option for scale, and shader mapping.
  • Infectio Modifier – More colour control with groups.
  • Physical Modifier – Use Shaders to control options.
  • Cover Modifier – Two new modes ‘Nearest Surface Point’ and ‘Nearest Vertex’ added for more control over material channels.
  • Attractor Modifier – New Viewport icon to show where particles will be attracted to.
  • Vortex Modifier – New Helix mode
  • Custom Data – New variation field.
  • xpTrail New object mode.
  • Network Modifier – New distance mode.
  • Emitter display – New cylinder mode.

The Early Access Update is available now. Don’t have X-Particles? Grab it today.

New to X-Particles? We have tons of XP tutorials ready for you to follow along with now.

Looking for an even bigger in-depth training series? Check out the Greyscalegorilla Guide to X-Particles, which features over 20 hours of professionally guided training from XP master Jon Bosley.

  • I mean just when you thought x-particles couldn’t get any better, they just keep on delivering awesome features!!! By far the best plugin Ive ever used!

  • Stephen Mylonas April 4, 2019 at 3:04 am

    can not wait for this to be on my computer

  • July 9, 2019 at 9:06 am

    A short tutorial about the new XPdynamic feature would be really nice! Even if it looks quite intuitive and easy, I have tried to replicate the same video example (XpDynamic 2:11 min ca.) but it doesn’t work. There must be some hidden setups that are not shown on the X-Particles youtube video.


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