New 3D Dust Particulate and 4K Dust Elements

May 7, 2019 - By 

Introducing two new assets packs for all your dusty renders and composites.

SALE: 30% Off New 3D Dust Particulate and 4K Dust Elements - Bundle

An exciting new type of product just landed in the Greyscalegorilla store. The new 3D Dust Particulate and 4K Dust Elements packs bring a powerful 1-2 punch to your next project. Better yet, you can combine the two packs and save with the Dust Elements Bundle

3D Dust Particulate

The new 3D Dust Particulate pack is a curated collection of Alembic files. That means you can now drag-and-drop animated dust particle systems directly into your 3D software of choice. No plugins required!

Create stunning atmospheric title sequences or add have dust particles float around your latest product render. Since the dust is 3D, your camera moves will work stunningly with the dust particles. Combine with GorillaCam for even more powerful results!

Your options are limitless. Just add 3D dust to you project, and then position, scale, rotate, and duplicate to achieve your favorite look.

SALE: 30% Off New 3D Dust Particulate and 4K Dust Elements - C4D

3D Dust Particulate is compatible with Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Blender, Fusion, and more!

4K Dust Elements

Looking for authenticity? The 4K Dust Elements were captured professionally in a closed studio environment, allowing for carefully crafted movement.

SALE: 30% Off New 3D Dust Particulate and 4K Dust Elements - 4K

Designed for video editors, compositors, and VFX artists, 4K Dust Elements gives you multiple looks from subtle rises to wild bokeh floaties.

The 25 video assets come in both ProRes and H.264, allowing you to have high-quality broadcast precision in post with ProRes, or getting out quick renders for desktop and mobile devices.

4K Dust Elements are compatible with Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, and more!

Dust Elements Bundle

Want all the dust? Bundle up and save to get both new packs. Now you have the ability to finish a project as quickly as possible, whether that’s when rendering in C4D, or comping in After Effects.

Dust Elements BundleIndividual Price
3D Dust Particulate$99
4K Dust Elements$99
Total Separately$198
Dust Elements Bundle$149
You Save$49


  • Are they Quicktime *.movs? I gave a quicktime years ago. What format are they?

  • what fps are the alembic files? I need 60fps and probably to future-proof it, 120 would be nice too

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