Creating Hyperrealistic Props and Assets in Cinema 4D with Aaron Covrett

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Learn how to create realistic objects with high fidelity from one of the best artists working with Cinema 4D and emerging 3D tools.

In this fantastic NAB presentation, freelance 3D artist Aaron Covrett guides you through his personal projects and experimental workflows.

Earlier this year we talked to Aaron Covrett about his remarkable work creating his Harvest still life that was inspired by Renaissance paintings. He share with us his passion in learning about new emerging technologies, experimenting with better workflows and pipelines, and his real passion for 3D.

Creating Hyperrealistic Props and Assets in Cinema 4D with Aaron Covrett - Harvest

Close up of Harvest details via Aaron Covrett.

Now at NAB, Covrett breaks down some of his personal work. He specializes in texturing, which you can really gain a sense of as he walks you through prop development and asset optimization in Cinema 4D.

Additionally, he covers many topics in-depth, including fidelity, scene management, third-party tools like Marvelous Designer, and VRAM limitations in Octane Render. He concludes his presentation with a few takeaways, like finding tools that work well with others and considering asset performance in order to improve your workflow.

This is certainly one of our favorite NAB presentations, and we know you’ll enjoy it too. Let’s hop in.

Our thanks to Maxon for hosting these presentations at NAB!

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