Welcome Todd Blankenship, Head of Greyscalegorilla Plus

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The Greyscalegorilla team continues to grow with our newest team member, Todd Blankenship.

Welcome Todd Blankenship, Head of Greyscalegorilla Plus

Todd Blankenship joins us as the Head of Greyscalegorilla Plus. He will be leading our professional training efforts, producing new lessons and series, and even teaching members some tips and tricks he has learned over the years.

Todd has worked with Greyscalegorilla in the past, creating our 4K dust elements, shooting Area Light Maps HDRI, and even cutting trailers like the one for the Modern Surface Material Collection.

He has hit the ground running, already having produced a new preview of what’s inside Greyscalegorilla Plus.

Take of tour of Greyscalegorilla Plus by clicking here to checkout the lesson previews

He has quite the history cutting hundreds of trailers for movies, television shows, and web series. Todd is also an incredibly talented cinematographer and filmmaker, who you may recognize from his many filmmaking YouTube tutorials.

We are thrilled to have him as part of the Greyscalegorilla team, and we know he’s the one to help you keep learning and growing as a 3D artist and motion designer.

You can follow Todd on Instagram @toddblankenshipdp and even find him hanging out in the GSG Connect slack community.

About Todd

Since the first time he picked up a video camera as a child, Todd has always been obsessed with creating aesthetically pleasing visuals with whatever medium he could find.

After working for many years in news, as a movie trailer editor, and a cinematographer – Todd has always tried his best to stay well-versed in all methods of delivering compelling visuals and design. Whether it be with motion graphics or cameras and lights, Todd just wants to strive to make stuff look cool.

Above all that, the thing that truly gets Todd excited is helping others learn how to do the same thing. With a dedication to teaching, training, and helping people get the tools they need to succeed, he’s gonna do whatever he can to help people make some dope stuff.

What is Greyscalegorilla Plus?

So why do we need someone to lead Greyscalegorilla Plus? This is the one place for 3D artists and motion designers to come and learn 3D with professional training led by working artists and industry experts.

Right now, Greyscalegorilla Plus already includes over $1500 in our professional training guides and material collection. This is all set to grow with new exclusive series teaching you advanced techniques in Cinema 4D, Redshift, Arnold, Octane, After Effects, and soon a new course in Houdini.

Don’t miss your chance to join Greyscalegorilla Plus during special introductory pricing. Join before October 31st, and get $120 off your first year. Use code NEW2PLUS at checkout to save.

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  • Very smart hire!!! Todd is the BEST!

  • Great to have your support for G+,??

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