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GSG Events: Siggraph 2018 and Half Rez 7

August 8, 2018 - By 

We’ve got a few major events and announcements headed your way. Join us in Vancouver, Chicago, or streaming online for Siggraph and Half Rez 7.

It’s an absolutely full few weeks of news, events, and live presentations, all on top of our regularly scheduled new tutorials and training. Here are the big events coming up.

Siggraph 2018

This year’s SIGGRAPH will be held in Vancouver August 12-16th. Join Nick Campbell, Chris Schmidt, Chad Ashley, and some more incredibly talented C4D artists at the Maxon booth presenting the new Cinema 4D R20.

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AskGSG Season Two Recap And Announcing Season Three

October 5, 2016 - By 

Music provided by Art List

Thanks to everyone for making another season of AskGSG amazing. Without your questions the show could not exist! Season two had 39 episodes, over 79 hours of Q&A and lots of great guests.

Season Three Starts October 12th!

We’re gearing up for season two beginning on Wednesday the 12th of October at 1PM CST. Mark your calendar, get those questions ready and be sure to subscribe to us on Twitch and follow out newsletter to never miss a show. We have so much more in store including special guests and special tutorials only for people who watch live. See you then!

Missed Season 1 and 2 of AskGSG?

We got you covered. We just released Seasons 1 and 2 of Ask GSG Archive for purchase on our new GSG Training site. Over 150 hours of Recordings are now available for you to watch at any time on any device.

Get The Bundle

Want to get all 3 seasons of askGSG? We created a bundle price so you can get all 3 seasons at once. Get everything from Seasons 1, 2 and the upcoming 3rd season all for $229. That includes all the 200+ scene files from every episode of AskGSG and new recordings every week from the upcoming season.
Visit our new training site and start watching TONS more C4D recordings today!

Of course, anyone and everyone can watch AskGSG LIVE for free every Wednesday starting next week! As always, get your C4D questions ready and we will see you LIVE for the first episode of AskGSG Season 3 Live on Twitch.


What Would You Ask Greyscalegorilla?

March 5, 2015 - By 

We get a lot of feedback and suggestions for tutorials here at Greyscalegorilla. Most of them in the form of…

“We Want More Tutorials!”
“How Do You Do This In Cinema 4D?”

We’ve always wanted to post more tutorials, answer more questions, and play with Motion Design and 3D. So we started an experiment.

We decided to do a live show once a week specifically to answer your C4D questions. We called it AskGSG and it has been a huge success over the last couple years.

If you haven’t been to one of our live shows, you may have been missing out on some of the most fun tutorials Chris and I have ever made.

Of course, It’s impossible to answer ALL the questions we get from you budding C4D artists out there. But, now that we have a weekly show dedicated JUST for that, it’s a lot easier for you to get your questions answered. Just bring your questions to one of the live shows, ask it in the chat room, and Chris or I will try to answer it. It’s that easy.

Can’t make it to the live shows? Or do you want all the Scene Files from these tutorials? Check out our AskGSG Page To Learn More.

Learn More About AskGSG

Below are just some of the questions we have tried to answer from artists like you…

Be sure to visit our AskGSG Page to see our schedule to watch the Live Stream and check the blog every week for a new tutorial.


Siggraph 2014 C4D Live Presentations

August 12, 2014 - By 

Join us at SIGGRAPH 2014 for hours of live Cinema 4D tutorials and presentations from Vancouver. Visit C4D Live.

As always, Maxon has brought together a great list of presenters to the booth to show off what artists can do with Cinema 4D. I saw quite a few of them yesterday while I was setting up, and there is some really great work being shown.

I will be live at 12:30 PST on Tuesday and at 3:30 PST on Wednesday talking about the new Reflectance Channel and other new tools in Cinema 4D R16.

Go to C4DLive to see a full schedule and check out the other presenters.

Here is something I haven’t done before, but I want to give it a try. I will be giving away my scene files from my Live presentation. Sign up to the GSG Newsletter and I will send you my R16 scene files after it comes out in September plus other R16 goodies only for the newsletter subscribers.

See you LIVE!


Live Show Wednesdays: Three Hours Of Power

April 20, 2011 - By 

Join Me James and Ryan for three, that’s right, THREE hours of live design talk today. See you there.

3pm EST: GSG Live Cast
4pm EST: SN Broadcast
9pm EST: Design Chat


GSG Live Cast: Learning how to Copy and other ways to Play Guitar

March 23, 2011 - By 

Links Mentioned Thread “Taking It To Far”
Click That Button


GSG Live Cast – Finding What Excites You and General Q&A

March 17, 2011 - By 


GSG Live Cast: Q&A and City Kit Preview

January 27, 2011 - By 

You can watch and ask questions live for GSG Live Casts every Wednesday at 2pm CST over on

Mentioned in the Cast
Cactus Dan


Questions About Cinema 4D 12 – GSG Live Cast

November 8, 2010 - By 

I wanted to repost this Live Cast from a while back about CInema 4D Version 12. It covers a lot of the new features of Cinema 4D Version 12 and goes over how to use some of them. I know it’s a few months old now, but I thought it would be useful to those of you that missed it. If you haven’t watched GSG Live, you can see all the old episodes over at the UStream Channel. Even better, you can watch them live most Wednesdays at 2pm central, here.


Five Hours Of Power: Live Design Chats All Afternoon Today

August 25, 2010 - By 

Yep, you read that right. Five hours of Live casts today all about design. I’m really excited to join Justin (, James (SignalNoise), Fabio (abduzeedo) and Ryan (DesignChat) in an all afternoon chat about design, work, and making cool shit. Hope to see you in the chat room.

You may want to follow them on twitter so you can get a link to their live page when it is up. Or, stop by back here. I will try to keep this post updated with links to the live show. We will be on our own channels, but then pitching to the next show, just like a real TV network! Bring some questions and a glass of water. You will need to stay hydrated for this one.

• 2pm EST: Justin MallerTransmission
• 3pm EST: Nick CampbellGSG Live Cast
• 4pm EST: James WhiteSignalnoise Broadcast
• 5pm EST: Fabio SassoAbduzeedo Broadcast
• 9pm EST: Design Chat with Ryan McGovern


GSG Live Cast – How to Make Money as A Motion Designer

August 6, 2010 - By 

In this episode of GSG Live, I talk more about the business side of Motion Design. I talk about and answer questions about freelance, getting paid what your worth, how to meet people in your industry that are hiring, and the future of outsourcing and the Motion Design and VFX industry. If you missed this live cast and want to join me for the next one, tune in to the Live Cast Page on Wednesdays at 2PM Central to hang out and ask questions. See you there?


How to Stay Productive and Create Great Work: GSG Live Cast

May 21, 2010 - By 

Here is the recording from Wednesday’s GSGLive cast about Staying productive and staying focused on making cool shit.

Questions and topics include:
Can Design be taught or are you born with it?
How do you know when a project is finished.
Set deadlines to finish your work!
How do you stay focused and ignore distractions?
How do you manage your email?
How long did the GSGlightkit take to Build?
Can you show your reel from school? (Here is my 2005 Graduation Reel from school)
Should I start a business if I have a family?
What software do you use to organize your day?
How long did ShakeItPhoto take to develop?
Thoughts about iPad
Can you recommend some books? (Linchpin and Pholosophers Notes)
How do you spend time for family and friends.
How do you tame the lizard brain?
Does working out boost productivity?
Why I decided not to freelance this year.
How do I make Money?