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Inspiration: Gullruten 2013 Breakdown

May 24, 2013 - By 

This Cinema 4D Title breakdown shows a ton of great particle work and compositing tricks. Good stuff. I wish every spot had this much behind the scenes video to go with it.



NAB 2013 With Maxon, Adobe, And Greyscalegorilla

May 3, 2013 - By 

With all the new announcements from Adobe and Maxon, we knew 2013 would be an exceptionally fun and exciting year at NAB. So, we sent Dave Kiss to capture and edit this big week down to the few minutes you see above. Watch NAB presenters from Maxon, Adobe, and Greyscalegorilla talk about the introduction of Cineware and what it means to be a part of the Cinema 4D community.


Half Rez Animations

October 10, 2012 - By 

As Half Rez got closer and closer, we realized we needed some animations to play between speakers and during cocktail and food breaks. So, after a few concept brainstorming sessions, we came up with these. The interstitial concepts centered around using the Half Rez pixel as a character in different comical situations with the Half Rez speech bubble logo.


For sound design, fast turn around and cartoonish whimsy were paramount. The office took turns doing our own vocalized sound effects for each animation. Then, each performance was blended together to make the final, silly sound design.

Interstitials “Sound Design”

These background animations were, more or less, glorified screen savers that played during breaks. Mostly eye candy to feature the logo and remind the guests where they were.

Background Animations

The scale of a project like this is just perfect for tackling in a day or two. Small, bite sized animations are fun to work on, fun to concept and quick to turn around. I wish all work was limited to ten seconds of animation.


More C4D Car Battle Tests

June 13, 2012 - By 

Here is the last week of Car Battle test renders. The one above is our first official Car Battle with a real winner. The winner wasn’t chosen at the beginning. Only after the scene was baked out did we know who would be the last car still on his feet. All the cars are driven purely by dynamic motors and a ton of Xpresso that adds logic to the cars so that they don’t get stuck. The next step is to make different style cars that have different drive properties and have them battle out. I really want to give each car a number and name on their materials as well. We hope to have some tutorials on this coming soon as well. In the mean time, hope they are at least fun to watch.

Camera Rig and Roller Coaster Test

Loop De’ Loop with Free-Fall Cars

Loop De’ Loop Crash


GSG Flag: Free Customizable C4D Flag Scene File

May 9, 2012 - By 

Download the GSG Flag Scene File Here

Just a quick video showing a quick animation I made yesterday. I was playing around making a flag animation and found a pretty simple, stylistic way to do it. It renders super fast and is customizable. Just change the PSD file attached and you can make it whatever you want. A Fresnel on the diffusion is handling all of the shading. I show a bit of the compositing in After Effects at the end of the video too if you are interested. Drop a link in the comments or on the Facebook Page if you make anything cool with it. Enjoy!

Sample Renders

Based on This Current TV Logo Animation.


Sander van Dijk – Demo Reel

March 27, 2012 - By 

Great demo reel. I love the 2D stuff. Superb key-framing.


Using Form 2.0 with Cinema 4D

March 8, 2012 - By 

Chicago C4D released a video of Gavin Morrissey’s talk about integrating Cinema 4D and Trapcode Form 2.0.


HDRI Studio Pack 1.5 – Real Studios From Real Light Designers

February 14, 2012 - By 

Introducing HDRI Studio Pack Version 1.5. It includes 17 more HDRI Studios you can use to light your scenes and renders. It’s fully compatible with Cinema 4D v13 and the new Physical Renderer. But, I’m most excited about the new animation presets that make it easy to render flicker-free animations using global illumination. If you have ever tried to get GI working with animation, you know how tricky it can get. I built presets that I think find the balance between render time and quality for your next render.

What’s New?

16 new HDRI Studios to choose from
GI Animation Preset for flicker free GI renders.
Fully Compatible with R13
R13 Physical Render Presets

Animation Preset Examples

Renders made using the Animation Preset Studio

17 Brand New HDRI Studios

Learn More about the HDRI Studio Pack

Existing HDRI Studio Pack Users

Existing users will get an email sent to the email account that was used to purchase the HDRI Studio Pack. If you haven’t got it yet, send us an email and make sure to include the original email that was used to purchase the Pack and we will send you a new download. Be sure to download the update within FIVE DAYS from now or the download will expire.

I think you will love the new version. Keep rendering.


Cinema 4D Holiday Tutorial Round-Up

December 22, 2011 - By 

Happy Holidays everyone. Things have been slow around the Greyscalegorilla office lately. Like many, we are preparing for holidays and enjoying friends and family. I hope you are doing the same. But, I figured I would put this list of holiday related tutorials and downloads together for when you just need a break from all the food, family and holiday action.

Happy Holidays from Greyscalegorilla!
Keep learning and having fun!

Holiday Tutorials

How To Make a Candy Cane Text Animation In Cinema 4D

Free Cinema Models: Holiday Pack

How to make Snow in C4D

Make a Black Friday Door Buster Ad using Cinema 4D and After Effects

How to Create Christmas Tree With Cinema 4D

Use Bodypaint and Cinema 4D To Make A Unique Snowflake Texture

Create a Christmas Tree with Xpresso

Magic Snow Plugin


Vintage Film For Looks is Now Only $69

October 21, 2011 - By 

Yep, if you have ever thought about ever getting my Vintage film for Looks, now is the time. It’s now only $69 down from it’s original price of $99. What’s more, you can now get ALL 17 of the guru presets from Red Giant for only $499. This includes Vintage Film For Looks and tons of other hand made presets, templates, looks, and training from industry-leading designers with decades of experience.

We are talking about really REAL designers here. Not just a nerd with a blog like me. Great artists like Harry Frank, Stu Maschwitz and Nando Costa have Packs that are included in the Guru Bundle.

What is Nick Campbell’s Vintage Film For Looks?
Red Giant asked me to create a set of looks for their Magic Bullet Looks, Quick looks and Photo looks. I have been creating different color corrected looks for photos, video and iphone apps for years, than they thought it may be a good idea to share all of those looks with you with a full set of presets that you could use in your projects. So, I did. Now, I use it all the time. Here are a few videos of it in action.

Every Filter From Vintage Film For Looks

Color Correcting 3D Renders

How to Color Correct Your Footage Using Vintage Film for Looks

Recent Video I Made Using Vintage Film For Looks

Learn more about Vintage Film For Looks

Learn More About The Guru Suite


GSG Flame: Free Candle Simulator for Cinema 4D

October 7, 2011 - By 

I started playing around with a realistic way to build a candle flame effect in Cinema 4D after reading a post over at After a few hours, I got a decent looking effect going. So, I decided to build a quick Rig dedicated to making candle flames. Not sure if too many people will need it, but here it is for you if you do. Feel free to download it just to check out all the xpresso and deformer setup for the rig. I used a bunch of wind deformers combined to get the flicker effect. I added a candle with some Sub Surface Scattering to the scene file as well just for fun. Hope this comes in handy some way.

Download GSG Flame


Download GSG Flame
Cinema 4D r12 and up only


Cinema 4D R13 Compatibility with Greyscalegorilla Products

September 18, 2011 - By 

I wanted to give you a quick update regarding the transition to Cinema 4D R13 and the Greyscalegorilla Kits and Packs. We have been doing some testing and everything works exactly the same in R13 as in previous versions. Just install the .lib4d file as you would with previous versions and everything will work exactly the same as in previous versions.

HDRI Studio Pack and Physical Renderer
We did encounter one issue with the HDRI Studio Pack in R13 when using the “Seamless Floor” with Physical Render. There is a rendering issue where the shadows disappear. This will be fixed in a free update of the HDRI Studio Pack very soon. Hopefully in the next few weeks. If you are an existing user, keep an eye out on the blog and in your Email inbox for the download to the free update