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I thought it may be helpful to make a resource page that you can use that shows what tools and software I use day to day. I get a lot of questions about the stuff I use every day. So, here is a list of the things I use and love.

Some of the links below are affiliate links and earn us a commission. But, everything below is something I use and recommend no matter what. Buy through our links and support Greyscalegorilla. Thanks as always.

Cinema 4D Stuff

Cinema 4D Studio Edition : I know. You are probably saying “No Duh, Nick”. But, you may not own it yet or are running a demo. You need Cinema 4D Studio to follow along with all of our tutorials. Do you REALLY need Studio? Trust me, just get the Studio edition and thank me later. Only then will you have all the tools you need to follow along with all of our tutorials and to make anything your clients or imagination throw at you. Buy It Here.

Xpart1X-Particles : It didn’t take long to see that X-Particles is super fun to use and very robust. It’s designed by some of the same people who designed Cinema 4D, so it works the way you think it should. Millions of particles can be moved and controlled with a simple user interface. It’s super fun and really adds a TON of functionality to Cinema 4D. Learn More Here. Also, check out this list of 25 of the best X-Particles tutorials if you are in what else X-Particles can do.

Xpart1Models By Pixel Lab : Pixel Lab has been making and releasing high quality models for years now. All of them are textured and ready to use in your project. You can purchase their model packs separately or, if you want to save a bunch, you can buy them in huge bundles.

After Effects Plugins

Frishluft Lens Care : My go to After Effects plugin for beautiful Depth Of Field effects without the render time that 3D DOF brings. Frishluft has great Bokeh effects, too. It’s that kind of DOF that just looks right to my eye. I use it all the dang time. Here is a tutorial showing how to use Lens Care with Cinema 4D.

ReelSmart Motion Blur : ReelSmart is an After Effects plugin that does beautiful motion blur effects without all the render time in Cinema 4D. For some things you need “real” motion blur from Cinema 4D. But not often. I use RSMB in over 90% off all of my animation renders. Did you know you needed motion blur on almost everything animated to make it look less fake? You do. and RSMB is the best looking/fastest way to get it.

Cineware Proxy : Are you using Cineware? If so, you should check out Cineware Proxy. It helps your C4D->AE workflow by managing your 3D caches and proxies inside of After Effects. Learn more about it in this tutorial I made to show you how it works.

Trapcode Suite : Trapcode Particular was the first plugin I ever bought. I even made some Particular presets that you can download for free and use in your AE comps. You can buy Particular separately, but get the entire Trapcode bundle and get all of his other great plugins at a huge bundle discount price.

Recommended Books

HappinessHypothesisLinchpin: Are You Indispensable? : This book by Seth Godin is full of different ways to see the world as a creative person. This is probably the book I had to pause more often to take notes than any other. Stuck doing work you don’t want to do? Give this book a shot.

HappinessHypothesisThe Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom : Everyone says they want to be happy, but how exactly do you make that happen. Here is the science behind happiness. It also explains why even when you THINK you will be happy by doing certain things, you are often left unsatisfied. Another book full of un-common knowledge.

HappinessHypothesisIt’s Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want to Be: The World’s Best Selling Book : This thing is less than seven bucks and you can read it in less than 10 minutes. Totally worth it. Buy extra copies and give them to your friends.

Tutorial and Podcast Gear

screenflowWScreenflow : I use Screenflow to record all of my tutorials. The software records my screen AND my camera at the same time and allows me to edit them together after I record. The editing is super simple and easy to use. If you want to make your own tutorials, I can’t recommend Screenflow enough.

heilWHeil PR40 Microphone : This is the giant microphone you see me use in my tutorials. It’s big and expensive. But it can’t be beat for sound isolation and great voice capture. Warning, you need to use good mic technique with this puppy, but if you do, it will work wonders on your voice. I don’t use the spider mount, but I do use their boom arm attached to the edge of my desk.

apogeeWApogee One : This is what I use for my audio recording interface. I plug my microphone in here and this connects by USB to my computer. It has a great mic preamp in it to make my mic sound clean and clear. It also has a great headphone amp and digital analogue converter (DAC). I use the older one. But get the new one from Amazon.

I hope to update this page updated with more tools and software as I think of them. I hope they help you make beautiful stuff.

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