Greyscalegorilla Compatibility

Wondering what plugins are compatible with what? Look no further! We’ve built this chart to help you navigate the awesomeness that is the growing Greyscalegorilla Plugin landscape!

 City KitHDRI Expansion PacksHDRI LinkHDRI Studio RigLight Kit ProSignalTexture Kit ProTopCoatTransformGorilla Grade LUTs
Cinema 4D R15
Cinema 4D R16
Cinema 4D R17
Cinema 4D R18
Cinema 4D R19
Standard Rendererw/HDRI Studio Rig OnlyNANA
Physical Rendererw/HDRI Studio Rig OnlyNANA
Pro RenderNANA
Octane Rendererw/HDRI Link OnlyNANA
Arnold Rendererw/HDRI Link OnlyNANA
Redshift Rendererw/HDRI Link OnlyNANA
Photoshop CC
After Effects CC
Black Magic Fusion