Animation Fundamentals Training

The Number One Way To learn How To Animate In Cinema 4D!

Animation is at the heart of everything you do as motion designer.

Learning to animate using traditional animation techniques is one of the best ways to go from beginner to pro level freelancer or animator. Stop relying on dynamics or mograph tools to animate. Finally take control of your timeline.

Join over 270 students that have already added amazing animation to their Cinema 4D workflow.

Keyframes Are The Key

The right keyframes can breathe life into your work no matter what you are trying to animate.

Finally learn how to keyframe properly in Cinema 4D with Animation Fundamentals.

Animation is the key to great motion design. Lean how to add beautiful, professional animation to your Cinema 4D workflow with this custom training series from Greyscalegorilla.

Who Is Teaching This Course?

We are happy to have award winning Creative Director, Animation Professor and Designer, David Brodeur as our teacher for this course.

Through his own Freelance work and his work at Leviathan in Chicago, he has worked with world class brands including HBO, Starz, Showtime, Nike, Fox Sports, A&E, BMW, Dodge, Toyota, Google, Adobe, Beats Audio, Callaway and Nestle.

David’s awards include the 2014 Communication Arts Design Annual, Behance Portfolio Award and Art & Engineering Challenge showcased in a global art exhibit.

You may have seen his work on his popular Instagram page “Lockedandloading”.

Learn The Cinema 4D Timeline Today!

We built comprehensive training videos that will help you step your Cinema 4D Animation skills up in only no time.

Here is what a few of our students had to say…

“I loved that the Principles of animation that were taught were relevant to the real world of motion graphics and I was able to implement what I learned into my work immediately.”

Scotty Russell – Cinema 4D Artist

“The techniques and concepts I learned in this class have been invaluable, not just in C4D but in any tool I use for animation.”

Scott Benson –  Sr. Presentation Specialist at Adobe Systems

What Is All Included?

  • Learn Essential Animation Fundamentals to step up your next Cinema 4D project.
  • Over 9 hours of animation training!
  • Complete Real Studio Projects from start to final render.
  • Use the F-Curves to finesse the timing and spacing of animation.
  • Learn Professional Industry Standard workflows and File Structure.
  • Learn Compositing and 3D digital animation workflow including layering,
    formatting and final rendering.
  • Learn 3D and 2D animation production pipeline.
  • Over 30 Extra Hours of Bonus C4D Training With David Brodeur.
  • Gain access to our private Slack group to get feedback and help each other learn.
  • Make your own custom animation for your next demo reel.
  • Relevant Scene Files and Training Files Included.

Join Animation Fundamentals and your clients will thank you.

Get this Guide Plus More!

Stream the Guides to Cinema 4D, Redshift, X-Particles and more in Greyscalegorilla Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about this course. Check below to see if we can help answer it for you.

When Can I Start Learning?

Right Away! You will get instant access to all the videos and training immediately after purchase. No waiting.

Is this the same course you offered before?

This is the same training video training series we have launched before on Greyscalegorilla except for 2 things. 1. The videos can be watched all at once now instead of dripped out slowly. 2. There is no Live Q&A every week with the teacher. Instead, to make it more affordable, we offer a Private Slack channel where you can get critique from your peers and alumni. Also, we include all the recordings from previous Live Critiques so you can learn from others mistakes.

What Hardware and software do I need to complete this training?

You will need Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. It will serve you best to have the latest version of the software but is not particularly necessary to complete this training. In order to open the provided project files and David’s files from his personal Drive you will need Cinema 4D R17 and the latest version of Adobe CC. It is also recommended that you have the After Effects Plugins : RevisionFX RealSmart Motion Blur and Frischluft Lenscare

I have never animated in Cinema 4D before. Is this training for me?

Yes, this training is designed to take any C4D user struggling to perfect their animation and transform their projects from here on out. If you are already a skilled animator and do not have any issues controlling movement than this training is not for you. If you think you are pretty good but you struggle to really get your animation looking how you want or have been using Mograph tools to hide the fact that you struggle with proper key-framing than this training is certainly for you.

How well do I need to know Cinema 4D before I start this training?

You will need to have a basic understanding of the Cinema 4D interface and workflow. This training really focuses on animation so you should have at least a couple months knowledge in Cinema 4D to be comfortable enough to take this training. If you have successfully followed along with Greyscalegorilla Tutorials in the past, you should be ready for this training.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 90 day money back guarantee. We have worked hard on this training. But, If you spend your energy trying to learn and you don’t think it’s worth it. Simply ask for a refund.

What Version Of Cinema 4D Do I Need?

Most videos are about keyframing in the timeline. There may be small differences between the teachers set up and yours, but you will be able to follow allong. You should be fine with R14 and up.

What Is The Community Like?

It’s always easier to learn when you are surrounded by others learning the same thing. That’s why we offer a private area for our students to share and get critique. The community is an open and honest place full of people looking to get better and also to share what they are learning.

Can I download this course?

We don’t currently offer downloads of the training videos. You must be logged into your Greyscalegorilla account to access the training videos.

“Within the first week, I learned techniques that I didn’t even know existed.”

John Burdock – Cinema 4D Artist

The Final Pitch!

Finally Learn the C4D Timeline and join the number one way to quickly add professional animation skills to your Cinema 4D workflow.

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