Gorilla Grade LUTs

Excellent color grading can elevate your project and help you tell a more compelling story.

Greyscalegorilla is proud to present Gorilla Grade LUTs, a set of 100 different cinematic color grades that you can easily apply to your footage or 3d renders. You can load these LUT files into many leading digital content creation tools such as Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Nuke, Fusion, and much more. Gorilla Grade LUTs can quickly and easily color grade your 3D renders, motion design, live action, or even photos.

Whether your project is a 3D render, live action footage, or even a photograph shot with your phone, a powerful, yet tasteful color grade can help take your work to the next level.

“Knowing I can use this great tool across nearly every platform in the toolbox – from Avid and Resolve to Premiere and After Effects and more – gives me a ton of confidence and flexibility. I’m able to rely on dozens of beautiful looks from battle-tested artists no matter my workflow.”
– Nate Pence, Editor 

In case you were wondering, LUT stands for Look Up Table. LUTS have been used to color grade films for decades. Frequently, these files were used in film conversion but now, these LUT files can be used to color grade your footage/renders and give your work a cinematic touch.


Gorilla Grade LUTs are compatible with:
Foundry Nuke 8 and above
Black Magic Design Fusion 7 and above
Davinci Resolve 9 and Later
Adobe Speedgrade CC 2015 and Later
Adobe After Effects CC 2015 and Later
Adobe Premiere CC 2015 and Later
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 and Later
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and Later
Avid 8.8 and Later
Any software that accepts 3D LUTs

All of the Gorilla Grade LUTs are 3D LUTs in .cube, .3DL, and .look formats and are sRGB Look LUTs. They are not created to work in LOG.

Simple to Use

The Gorilla Grade LUTs were created in industry standard formats that you can immediately apply to your renders/footage in nearly any application. From After Effects to Photoshop to Nuke, adding gorgeous color grades to your project has never been easier!

Gorilla Grade LUTs ships with 100 Looks!

Basic Looks

Blue Boost

Clean Cool



Cool Contrasty

Cool Creamy Whites

Cool Faded Blacks

Green Boost

Green Shadows

Mid Boost

Sat Boost

Warm Contrasty

Warm Highlights

Warm Creamy Whites

Warm Faded Blacks

Everyday Looks

Age of Aquarius

All Crunched Out

Amber Waves

Blue Green

Blushing Midtones

Contrasty Coolness

Cool Beans

Cool Mids

Everyday Color

Filmic Outdoor

Gallery Photo

Heroic Warmth

Let there be Light

Magazine Cover

Mr. Green

Muted Warmth

Over Caster

Pro Color

Shady Porch

Shaken Not Stirred

Simple Milky

Simple Warm

Skin Tone Helper

Warm Embrace

Warm Fuzzies

Cinematic Looks

Alien Movie

Arctic Splendor

Big Deep


Cool as Ice

Desert Apocolypse

Dusty Storm


Feeling Blue


I’ll be Back

Los Angeles Haze]

Mailroom Ick

Moonlight Bay

Mr. Anderson

Napalm in the Morning

Office Cubicle

Oh Brother

Punchy Cool


Royale with Cheese

SciFi Horror

Sheet Metal

Siberian Winter

Take the Red Pill

Black and White Looks





Old Timey

Photography Class

Silver Tone


Ultra Contrasty

Xerox Copy

Added Features

Quick Access Presets for Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere

“NO HASSLE LICENSE” No waiting for authorization codes, you download, install, and go.

EASY INSTALL “Painless Installation” Full installation instructions and video

QUICK START VIDEOS GSG LUTs ships with several quick start videos to get you up and running instantly in Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Nuke, and Fusion!

Check out the Gorilla Grade LUTs in Action:

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Product Details
Release date:2017-03-12
Last updated:2017-01-14
Current version:1.01
Product type:3D LUTs for AE, PS, PE, Nuke, and Fusion
File format:.3dl, .cube, .look
File size:669Mb
Requirements:Program that accepts .3dl, .cube, or .look LUTs
Price:$99.00 USD

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