Modern Surface Material Collection


Create stylish mid-century aesthetics with this fun Modern Surface Material Collection.

The Modern Surface Material Collection features 250+ elegant drag-and-drop textures compatible with Redshift, Octane, and Arnold for Cinema 4D. (This collection is not compatible with Physical/Standard.)

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Over 250 Modern Materials

Inspired by mid-century modern looks, this collection includes ceramics, metals, paper, stone, terrazzo, wood, and 60 trendy patterns. Easily customize 140 materials with your own color choices or use one of the 48 included color palettes.

Modern Surface Material Collection - Vases Green

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Modern Surface Material Collection - Greyscalegorilla Plus

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Drag-and-Drop Textures

Like the popular Everyday Material Collection, this collection includes fully assembled Cinema 4D materials. That means you don’t need to plug in the texture maps. You just drag, drop, and go.

Arnold and Redshift 2.6.28+ users can rely on the Greyscalegorilla Shader Ball to easily preview the materials in the Cinema 4D Content Browser. Octane 2018+ users will feel at home using the Modern Surface Material Collection in their Live Database (LiveDB).

Modern Surface Material Collection - Preview

The drag-and-drop functionality is limited to these three render engines, meaning that Standard/Physical are not supported.

Want to make tweaks to any of these materials? You can! Have total control to edit the textures or shaders to dial in the exact look you want.


What types of materials are included?

The Modern Surfaces Material Collection features 11 categories, all designed to work perfectly together. 250+ artfully assembled mid-century inspired materials built to appease even the most discerning Art Director.

Modern Surface Material Collection - Zachary Corzine Render

Render by Zachary Corzine.

  • Ceramic – 4
  • Metal – 20
  • Paper – 4
  • Patterns – 60
    • Blobs – 10
    • Plastics – 50
    • Metal (Gold) – 50
    • Metal (Silver) – 50
    • Metal (Bronze) – 50
  • Stone – 14
  • Terrazzo – 14
  • Wood – 10

Modern Essentials

Category essentials include new must-have wood, metal, and stone materials.

Modern Tones and Textures

In addition, some earth tones inspired a new collection of ceramic, paper, and terrazzo. The ceramic materials allow you to choose from an unglazed look, or a customizable matte, pitted, or shiny finish.

Modern Patterns

The most versatile categories are the brand-new patterns.

Modern Surface Material Collection - Patterns

With pattern blobs and pattern plastics you’ll find 60 unique patterns that can be easily altered to fit your clients color scheme, or you can browse the dozens of included color palettes for inspiration.

Pattern metals feature pre-built shaders with the same new patterns on top of gold, silver, and copper bases.

Which materials are customizable?

Each of the materials gives you total control to edit the textures or shaders to dial in the exact look you want. 140 select materials are designed to easily allow you to change the color (or colors) of the materials.

Modern Surface Material Collection - Ceramic Wolf

The patterns offer the most customization for color changes, photo-based materials like concrete and wood can not be as easily adjusted.

Curated Color Palettes

Want a look that flows well together? Find your look with professionally-curated color palettes.

Modern Surface Material Collection - Color Palette

Thousands of Possibilities

With the 48 included color palettes, you can quickly and easily try different looks or tweak colors to the exact look you want.

Modern Surface Material Collection - Color Randomize

Where can I use these materials?

The Modern Surface Material Collection was built for Cinema 4D R18+ using either ArnoldOctane (2018 and above), or Redshift. (Physical and Standard renderers are not supported.)

Modern Surface Material Collection - Arnold, Octane, Redshift

For advanced HoudiniMaya, or 3ds Max users, you are able to build PBR materials using the provided texture maps, but we do not offer technical support to non-C4D users.

Includes Advanced Training

Included with your purchase of the Modern Surface Material Collection is an exclusive set of tutorials teaching you advanced methods for randomizing colors and patterns, tweaking ceramics and metals, and custom user data.

Modern Surface Material Collection
  • 276 materials
    • delivered as .lib4d
  • 4K tileable textures
  • Bitmap-based shader library
  • Drag-and-drop use via C4D Content Browser
  • Custom Greyscalegorilla Shader Ball (for Arnold and Redshift)
  • 11 material categories
    • Ceramic, Metal, Paper, Stone, Terrazzo, Wood, and several Patterns
  • 48 color palettes
  • Third-party render compatible
    • Arnold and above (TX files)
    • Octane 2018 and above (ORBX files for LiveDB)
    • Redshift 2.6.48 and above (Jpg files)
    • Not compatible with Standard / Physical
  • Advanced Training
  • 24/7 access to your download via your Greyscalegorilla account
  • Professionally guided product installation and training
  • NO HASSLE LICENSE – No waiting for authorization codes. Just download, install, and go.

Built with Love

The Modern Surface Material Collection is a beautiful, fun material pack inspired by mid-century tones and textures. Download this new collection and create a stunning renders today.

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Product Details
Release date:2019-09-26
Last updated:2019-09-25
Current version:1.0
Product type:Materials
File size:6-10 GB
Price:$199.00 USD

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