ArchViz: Modern Exteriors

Cinema 4D Architectural Visualization: Modern Exteriors is a training series that will show you how to turn CAD files into photo-real renders.

Architectural Visualization (ArchViz) Modern Exteriors is a professional guided online training series taught by Matthew O’Neill from 3D Fluff.

In this training, you will learn how to bring CAD files into Cinema 4D, then transform them into professional photo-realistic renders using proper materials, lighting, basic modeling, and render settings.

Architectural Visualization: Modern Exteriors - Comparison

Meet Your Instructor

Matthew O’Neill

Matthew O’Neill, also known as Mash, is a professional Cinema 4D trainer who has hosted countless tutorials and training series over the past 20 years. He started his 3D career working for MAXON in the UK, and has worked as a freelance 3D artist for 15 years.

Training Overview

This six hour course is spread over a dozen videos, each diving deep into a specific portion of the training.

Starting with a CAD file with harsh lighting and bare materials, you’ll begin cleaning up the CAD file by removing elementary materials and layers. Then, take a deep dive into working with materials and textures.

From there, you will begin lighting your scene. You’ll learn about advanced way to create sunlight and adjusting your render settings.

Then you’ll begin adding assets like plants, trees, and furniture. Finally you’ll go over the proper render settings, then render out an image ready to final touches. Take the final steps in Photoshop, where you will adjust color, contrast, brightness, and add lens imperfections.

Preview Lesson

Want a glimpse at the type of training you’ll receive? Here’s a select portion from this training series.

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Last updated:2018-05-14
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