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What Are Five Second Projects?
We all want to make original work for our demo reel right? Sometimes you just need a theme to get you started… Some rules to fight against. Use the theme “Behind The Scenes” to make a five second motion piece and enter it into the form below. If your new to five second projects, why not check out the Five Second Projects Archive to see all of the past themes and winners.

Watch a Video about the rules

1. Submissions must be Five Seconds Long!
2. Only animation is accepted. Video only submissions will not.
3. The animations has to do with the theme in some way.
4. Original Work only. Don’t cut out 5 seconds of already made work.
5. Link back to GSG on your Vimeo Post

Why Should You Enter?
Watch The Video about why to enter

1. Try new techniques or software
2. Limitations help get the mind working.
3. Make short, awesome pieces for your reel.
4. Get critique from your peers.
5. Promote yourself.

How Do I Enter my Video?
1. Create a five second animation based on the theme.
2. Upload your video to Vimeo. Don’t forget to add a link back to this blog post.
3. Submit your link to the form below and I will add it to the channel
4. Deadline is Sunday, August 7th.

Submissions are Closed
Look for another Five Second Project soon. Thanks for entering.

Now What?
Watch all the entries at the vimeo channel, or check out old Five Second Projects in the FiveSecondProjects Archive

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  • Nice theme nick i’ll try to do my best.

  • Hi Nick , I will give it a first try for myself. Please, can you correct the deadline , 15th May should be wrong 😉 .


  • Cool subject Nick. I was just wondering yesterday when the next FSP would be, and today I load your website, and BAM! there it is.

  • May 15th 2012? Ummmmm…. in that much time I better have made 5 secs of Avatar 😛

    Cool idea, I’m going to jump on this 🙂

  • 4. Deadline is Sunday, May 15th.??????

  • Awesome subject Nick, should be real interesting to see what everyone comes up with! Just one question, is “Abstract” acceptable? Hahaha…!

  • May 15? I might need to put the flux capacitor in hyperdrive.

  • looks like we got some serious time to animate this thing

  • dont know if i can free up some time but i’m already wrecking my brain to come up with an idea.
    anyway, thx nick. it’s been too long since the last 5sec project.

  • Maybe I will try to do something this time, good luck everyone! Nice theme

  • Im going to do some abstract-morph-black and white shit. I love youuu Nick

  • Cool theme, Nick.

    I just want to say that your blog gets better every day. Thanks you!

  • Great idea! I will try to slap something mind-altering together.

    Thx Nick for your great site.

  • Kind of a noob too these parts, I was wondering if it has to be done in C4D?

  • Great topic and gives free space (limited in time). But the August 4th isn’t a sunday, right? Did you mean 7th?

  • These FSPs get me sooo excited! Can’t weit to get to my desk! Greetz from Germany!

  • It’s hard not to think of a film set with this title. I’ve come up with a few different ideas, the cheesiest of which being the word scene in big letters on screen and having something happen behind it… I decided not to go for this idea as that’s all I had and it was bringing down the rest of my creativity. If anyone can think of some way to use that idea go ahead.

  • Cool!, nice versatile theme. Brainstorming already.

  • Cant wait to submit my first FSP! I hope the time frame is reasonable considering the fact that sometimes my renders take days!

  • i can’t submit my vimeo url so i put it here for the Five Second Project “Behind The Scenes”
    Here is my vimeo url

  • Sweeett!!! Where do you get this fantastic sounds?

  • I made this after I realised that no “video only” submissions are accepted … going back to work and making some animation here 🙂

  • It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a chance to do one of these 5 second projects, so I was pretty excited when I saw this one pop up earlier this week. So excited that I’m already done!

    Started with a ‘monster movie set’ idea that went horribly awry, and decided to go in a completely different direction. Check it out:

  • This is my very first 5 second project, any pointers? I’m fifteen years old and have a passion for Cinema, and I’ll take every bit of help I can get.

  • Hello everyone.
    I posted a link to my project.
    I ask the greatest indulgence please.
    I have long wanted to participate, then you are done.
    I am writing from France, so excuse my broken English.
    thank you.

    Bonjour à tous.
    J’ai posté un lien pour mon projet.
    je demande la plus grande indulgence s’il vous plait.
    cela fait longtemps que je voulais participer, alors voilà, c’est fait.
    je vous écris de France, alors excusez mon anglais approximative.

  • Hello everyone.
    I posted a link to my project.
    Check it here :

    I ask the greatest indulgence please.
    I have long wanted to participate, then it’s done.
    I am writing from France, so excuse my broken English.
    Thank you.

    Bonjour à tous.
    J’ai posté un lien pour mon projet.
    Vous pouvez le visionner ici:

    je demande la plus grande indulgence s’il vous plait.
    cela fait longtemps que je voulais participer, alors voilà, c’est fait.
    je vous écris de France, alors excusez mon anglais approximatif.

  • Here is mine 🙂

    Had fun with this project, can’t wait for the next one Nick.

  • Hi everyone,
    here is mine
    greetz to all…

  • Hello everyone!
    here is my entry for the contest:

    Thank you NIck,
    thank you all,

  • Here’s mine buddy! 😀

  • Heres mine everyone –

    My entry to the last 5sp was a little rushed, but I’m in it to win it this time!

  • Hey guys,

    Made something as well –

    what do you guys think?

  • Hi everyone, here’s my very first entry!


    Been a long while since I did anything. Had a few extra this week and whipped sumfin up.

  • her is my second project for this challenge.Due to the restrictions i can’t post it in the Five Second Channel

  • Second time doing this. Wanted to do some simple cell animation!

  • Had some free time yesterday so I cranked this out..


  • Hi all,

    got some spare time, so uploaded my first time contribution:


  • Had a spare few hours this morning, enjoy:

  • Well i like the sounds of all of this soo i did my 1st contribution in it all and it’s also first time using maya!

  • A couple of us are having trouble uploading,

    The Message keeps saying- There was a problem with your submission. Limited to 1 per user.

    But it is the only one we have uploaded, anyone having this problem?

    Jordan Assender

    Damian Hughes

  • Here´s my entry!!!
    Was hard to find the right direction!!
    Let a comment!

  • Is it due at 12am on Sunday the 7th or 11:59pm on the 7th?

  • Finished mine.
    Tried some motion tracking for about 6 hours or so. I’ll leave it at this for now, lol.

  • i deciding to go withe the classic “god’s beard controls everything” route. hope you like it!

  • Pls do comment… heres my entry…putting everything with that 5 sec was chalenging..phew

  • Maurice Messinger August 7, 2011 at 10:32 am

    a bit late, but here’s mine. 😉

  • Bit close to the wire this time (still encoding)…
    Lots of artifacts in the render, just couldn’t give it any more time 🙁
    Comments welcome

  • This is my video.

    Taken care of with the Coffe!!!

  • A lot of artfacts with my MP4 encoding…:( and audio desync:(


  • Finally stop the last reuploading! The first version should be good. Enjoy!

  • Here’s mine. I tried using the official submission page but it’s not showing up on the vimeo channel. Don’t wanna miss the deadline!

  • Hey guys, trying my luck one more time -)
    my entry –

  • moya syper rabota smotrite amerikashki

  • there it is..up & running :]

    hoping vimeo won’t mess up the sound in my next 5secprojects… 😛

  • A bit late but here is my first GSG 5 Second Projects. I had a lot of fun, thanks Nick!

  • Wow, I could have used some more time as I got started way to late, lol. But here is mine

    As usual I learned a ton and had some fun! Hey that rhymed!

  • Hi, I added mine on Friday but it hasn’t been added to the Behind the scenes channel?

  • Here is my first fsp (The render slowed me down) Just got in!

  • Here is my first fsp (The render slowed me down) Just got in!

  • Cool contest. Checking out the submissions now.

  • In my opinion nsundin(Caotico) and eladbari have the best videos.

    Some of you guys may want to spend more time about what you want to tell, rather than the complexity of your design!

  • Hi,

    my first project from Paris, I hope it’s not too late!

  • Awesome stuff guys ^^ I really loved “Headquarters” from Mod Eyefi.

    By the way, you all guys are sick 🙂

  • After finishing my entry I realized the deadline was not August 8th. Well, here’s mine anyway.

  • which day is the deadline?

  • When will we know the winner?

    • I don’t know?? How long does it normaly take to pick the winner?

      • Winners will be announced today. Sorry about the wait.

        • I keep missing the 5 Second Competition briefs! Could you give me a ballpark idea of when you plan on launching the next one? Without seeing it the day its delivered it’ll be hard to maximise the amount put inot it.

          Cheers mate, works sick btw, when are you gonna do a new folio site? Or is there one I’m not aware of? Be nice to see your presented projects all laid out sexy. My site will be up in the next 4 weeks if you fancy dropping in to say ‘yo’.

  • hi sir ,ur great teacher of toturials
    sir im also working 2 years in AE.
    but i want to go Cinema 4d broad casting animation .
    i want study in C4D plz give me a right way.
    any training essentials choose u plz.
    plz check my work thankx

    Dear sweet sir

  • Those are saweeeeet. Great concept to do 5 second shorts. People aren’t wasting all their time for something that doesn’t pay, but they’re creating work that may get them jobs in the future and inspire others. Bravo.

  • Hi Nick, there are plenty of us eagerly waiting for the next 5 second project. Any chance you could get the new brief up? I missed the last one and really wanna get into this once. Cheers gov

  • Any chance of getting those 5 second projects as after effects templates?

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