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Boing! Use the theme “Bounce” to create a 5 second animation that shows off some leaping, jumping, spring steps or hops. Timbaland references allowed.

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  • Ola 'Jumpkut' Tandstad March 20, 2013 at 2:09 pm

    Great stuff! Totally entering again for the second time.

  • Def. gonna do this one..

  • I’m in. Don’t have a clue what I’ll do yet, but I’m looking forward to entering another 5 second project. I have really enjoyed the ones I’ve entered.
    Bounce – Is this a nod to Spring (March 20)???

  • Can anyone point me in the right direction to make a pair of big breast bounce using Cinema 4D. I already tried the “Weird Science bra on head” technique – Youtube it.
    The closest tutorial I could find was “How to Create hairy gonads in Cinema 4D using chicken legs” – funniest tutorial ever! – again… Youtube it.

  • so the techniques that should be used in this video don’t have any tutorials on greyscale?

  • uhh i found that tramp ounce video. reality is eaven cooler

  • This time I’m gonna try one!
    See you in the finals :p

  • yay. Nice theme!
    Here’s a great animation for inspiration:
    Bouncing Monsters! :p

  • can i upload my video to YouTube?

  • Hey guys
    Here’s my go at this:

    Can’t wait to see all your creative work!!

  • Hi everyone!
    I can’t submit my video on GSG – Error Message…
    Does anyone else encounter the same problem?

    screenshot :

  • What do you mean by: “Timbaland references allowed”
    I don’t get it…

  • Hi guys,
    Here is my try in this short time
    Vimeo Link(Animation without sound)

    Youtube Link(Animation with sound)

    Hope you enjoy it
    Special Thanks to Nick

    • Make sure you put the link to your Vimeo video in the form at the top of this submission page so it gets put into the GSG 5-Second Project Channel.

  • won’t let me submit, anyone else having this?

    • Dear Mary you have to do some changes in your vimeo setting
      1-go to your vimeo>>>Me>>>My Settings>>>>>Videos>>>>
      then you will see

      What can people do with your videos?

      Download the video – Allow anyone to download my videos
      Add to their collection – Allow anyone to add my videos to their Albums, Channels, or Groups

      both of these setting should be checked and ticked !
      Notice:in order to apply this setting a window comes up and ask you for this permission to be applied in all videos you would say YES.
      just this save and resubmit your video once again

      • thank you, my settings were right, I realised it didn’t work when I ticked

        – ‘Stay up to date with the latest Five Second Projects and tutorials. Subscribe to the newsletter!’

        Anyways here’s my first entry from an animation student

  • This is my entry !
    I hope you enjoy the quality of bounce !

  • Does it has to be uploaded to Vimeo? I’m asking cause I’ve reached my week limit for HD video.

  • Hope it submitted well!

    Here’s my basketball entry :

  • Keep trying to submit via the form the past couple days, but its not showing up on the vimeo channel – anyways, here’s my take on things:

  • The deadline is March 31, 2013. Is that means last submitters is March 31, 2013 at 11:59PM? and which Time Zone? GMT +/- x?


    • Added audio…feel like it helps a lot.

      • Make sure you put the link to your Vimeo video in the form at the top of this submission page so it gets put into the GSG 5-Second Project Channel, otherwise it’s not included in the Channel.

  • Where can you see the other entries?

    Here is mine:

  • Hi everyone!
    Here’s my entry:

    • See my reply to the post above. I think a lot of people don’t understand that they need to put the Vimeo URL for their video in the submission form at the top of this page or the video will not be added to the 5 Second Project Channel.

  • Hey Nick –

    This one’s for you . . . PINBALL!

  • Hi,

    Maybe a little suggestion about bounce’s keyframing… Check out this useful link provided by Brian Horgan, specialized in rigs and animation :
    There is 2 scripts to optimize bounce keyframing called bh_scaleKeys and bh_fadeKeys.
    Have fun & be creative!

  • Hey Nick,
    I just wanted to let you know that I submitted a video on Saturday, but I don’t see it posted on the vimeo channel. The link is here:
    I was hoping that you could double check my submission. I uploaded the video on the 30th, so I was hoping you’d add it to the channel. Thanks so much!

    • hey Chris,

      I had this problem yesterday i think you have to wait for the video to be processed before you can add the link, well thats what it was for me any way.

  • Hey guys,

    this is the first time I have entered an since we had a 4 day weekend in the uk i decided to make two entries with two different styles.

    check them out,

    let me know what you think, would appreciate some feed back 🙂

  • Hello.
    I submitted my entry on saturday (3/30) but it doesn’t appear to be listed on the vimeo “bounce” channel. Wonder what I did wrong? Did you receive it?
    My video’s link:

  • Another late one for me. Kept having problems with vimeo’s conversions.
    Youtube Version:

    My Last late entry:

  • Late entry. The bank holiday weekend escalated more than I thought it would…

  • to late for entry her my vid:

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