Bright Lights

March 3, 2014 - By 


The Five Second Project for March is ready, and you might want to put on some sunglasses for this one.

Use the theme “Bright Lights” to create a five second animation and submit it on the Five Second Projects page. Our favorite videos will be featured in a post for the world to see. Just try not to blind us, will ya?

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  • Very best Project

  • This topic is simply awesome!
    May be the first time i am not using Cinema4D.

  • hey bro plz help me For Sound tools in c4d.
    how to used in better result-
    DTS 5.1

  • Hi there… I just finished your excellent Intro to Cinema 4D series and followed along with the mineshaft animation. I’m now rendering what I hope to be my first contribution to the Five Second Projects. Thanks for the great site; I truly appreciate all the resources.

  • I’ve submitted my video!
    This was my first C4D project. The mineshaft and fluorescent light Xpresso tutorials both helped greatly with some of the techniques I tried to pull off here.

  • I am new to everything but GSG has been a terrific help in getting a handle on all of the ins and outs of the 3d processes. Nick is the man!……( gorilla ) thanks for the help

  • how can one enter the 5 second project if vimeo does not send the verification e-mail to finish logging in so you can upload??????

  • Hi, I’ve uploaded my 5-second video.
    Thanks for all the tutorials that you have made. They are really helpful.

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