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Buttons are everywhere! They’re on the front of your coffee maker. They’re all lined up on your nicest shirt. They’re over there on that one machine over there. They are even waiting for you to click them on the internet.

You know what a button is, right? Then you have no reason to skip out on May’s Five Second Project.

Press them, click them, stomp them, or button them. Use the theme “Buttons” to create a five second animation and submit it on the Five Second Projects page. Our favorite videos will be featured in a post on the GSG site. Happy Rendering!

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  • I mean…

  • …maybe

  • 13 days? Some of us have jobs, you know!

  • Hi, i submited my video twice. Once yesterday another time a few hours ago. It is still not in your channel. Others did appear in your vimeochannel since yesterday. Is there a reason or am I just to unrelaxed? :o)

  • There’s something weird going on here…
    actually… buttons are scary.

  • I also uploaded my submission on Friday and it’s still not on the GSG: Buttons Channel. I submitted again just in case GSG did not receive my first one. Thanks!

  • COOL 😀 !

  • Here is my video. I only started it today after the comp is already closed but here it is none the less. 🙂


  • Next time I’ll actually look at the deadline! I thought it was today.


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