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What Are Five Second Projects?
We all want to make cool shit for our reel right? Sometimes you just need a theme to get you started… Some rules to fight against. Use the theme “Circles and Spheres” to make a five second motion piece and link it in the comments of this blog post. “Shout Box” submissions will not be found and will not be added to the channel. Please be sure to post a link in this post’s comments to ensure me seeing it.

Photographers, use the theme, “Circles and Spheres” to go shoot a photo. Link it in the Flickr group.

Why Should You Enter? Check out the video…

How Do I Enter my Video?

  • 1. Create a five second animation based on the theme.
  • 2. Upload your video to Vimeo. Don’t forget to add a link back to this blog post.
  • 3. Post a link to this posts comment thread and I will add it to the Channel.
  • 4. Deadline is October 5th

How Do I Enter my Photo?

  • 1. Take a photo based on the theme. Photos only please. Designs and illustrations are not allowed.
  • 2. Upload your photo to flickr and add it to the group. Don’t forget to add a link back to this blog post.
  • 4. Deadline is October 5th

It’s really great to see so much participation. Tell a friend about the five second projects and get them involved too. Don’t forget to push yourself to try something new every week. What about a new piece of software or technique you have wanted to try? One more thing, try to tell your story without just putting “Circles and Spheres” on the screen in text. Use the theme to create a concept. Take control of your creative output and Make Cool Shit!

Check out the entries here or visit the Vimeo Channel or Flickr Group

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  • So… hundreds of mograph 2 test entries then haha

  • Yeah, that’s kinda what I’m secretly hoping!!!!! 🙂


    No Mograph 2 – Really need to start playing around with the new cinema.

  • I’m unfarmiliar with the term ‘shout box’. Could you please explain that?

  • thought I’d make an attempt 🙂

  • Here’s mine, should be finished uploading in a bit, I really need to get a Plus account. lol.

  • Here’s mine. Mograph 2 test it is indeed 🙂

  • Here’s mine. I’m a newbie to motion graphics, so nothing too crazy.

  • Here’s a picture, the first one on greyscale….
    thx the gorilla to share all of this.

  • Here’s mine

    Diggin’ the 5sec projects – gave me a kick up the arse to try out some cool new shit! Your site is a breath of fresh air

  • Here’s something I’ve knocked up –

    It’s not 5 seconds, but hey, just watch 5 seconds and then maybe 15 more seconds after that?

  • woo to the hoo!! Here ya go!

  • My contribution:

    What do you think about the caustics?


    My little contribution 😉
    I’m working on an other one…

    thank you Gorilla for this great idea !


    First Entry, long time visitor.
    Planning on entering every week.

  • Circles and Spheres indeed, My first entry to the world of 5 Second Projects, Cheers GSG

  • 1st try with this short projects, have to say it rocked! =)

  • When is the deadline for this project ?

  • Read at the top, october 5th.

  • My first 5 second project :

    First time in Cinema 4d too – yeesh.

    • Ahhh self-reply… I reworked this animation. I wasn’t happy with the first one I did so after 16 hours of rendering (man I forgot how long 3d renders take) I present this:

      Its a little more fluid and the camera doesn’t get blocked.

      Btw – Nick, I love your site and the work you do! Next time you are in Andersonville or Uptown you need to stop by Kopi and have a “slush buzz” with my wife and I.

  • Kinda focused on the circle but…..

  • Here is my entry! My first one since the “old video games” project.

    I see that the 5 second projects entries are getting better and better, it´s becoming kind of intimidating now. But seeing so many excellent projects makes me want to improve my level too.

    PS: Vimeo says it´s going to start converting my video in 25 minutes.. But I´ll post the link now so you can insert it can be inserted in the Vimeo Channel when it´s done.


  • Damn… vimeo compressed it like shit!!

  • Which codec are you using to get the video looking good in vimeo? I used quicktime H.264

  • here´s my tron like version, the compression and colors are kinda bad ,but anyway here´s the link :

  • My first 5-sec project:

    And thanks GSC for all the hard work you’re doing, that’s really awesome.

  • Here is mine, circles and sphere teleportation 🙂
    Reminds me of the wierd machine in “The time trap” comic

  • A little update…my video was set on private before…
    A little long but i like this music tension:)

    you can watch it here –


  • I am on a “back-to-the-roots” trip lately, so here a simple cel-animation. By the way..I don´t know if that´s the right place to ask questions like this but I would love to know if you guys still using cel animation in your projects? at work? (I mean the old way..hand drawn on celluloid and then filmed or scannend) or is it too expensive and time consuming?(ok I know now that it is..and I was dreaming about circles the whole night, but it´s fun!)Thanks Nick for the 5 sec projects and the tutorials, it´s all great!

  • here’s my first participation
    thank you Gorilla for this great idea !

  • an experimentation using animation in AVID’s Marquee:

  • Hey Guys! My first 5 sec project:

    Nick, great initiative!

  • new in the 5 sec, but really enjoy it! thanks!

  • Heres mine –

    No mograph2 yet but I did apply a bunch of the lighting/material tricks I’ve learned from recent greyscale tuts.

  • Here it goes mine:

    C&C are welcome 🙂 Thanks!

  • Haven’t done this in awhile. Here you go Nick.

    Didn’t have a ton of time. But I like the feel of it. Perhaps I’ll flesh it out a little more.

  • My contribution to the Circles and Spheres 5 Second Project

  • I just did a quick entry. I still do some changes every now and then – but the last one seems to have gone missing in compression!!

    It’s been a good reason to try some things I’ve needed to try out for ages.

    After I finished I saw it said “Deadline is Sept 7th” on vimeo. Still got to practise though!

  • Here is the link :
    The video will be visible in about 20 minutes.

  • First entry ! (available in a little while)

    btw: I’ve been reading your blog for few months by now and I just wanted to tell you that I really like what you’re doing !

    thx !

  • Hi Nick!
    This is my 5 sec “love” story C&S:)

  • Here is mine…few keyframes, basic shapes, and deformers.

    This is my first time entering, looking forward to more challenges though.

    Great thing you’re doing here NICK.

  • Hi, here is my entry.
    Thanks for the motivation!

  • Hi Nick! Keep up the good work.
    Here is my 5 seconds.

  • Hi !

    Here is my first participation !

  • Better late than never 🙂

    still converting, should be up in an hour or so..

  • Mine :

    Without Mograph Dynamics 2 !


    My 1st entry. Thanks for all the knowledge Nick. Just learning C4D and your site is awesome!

  • Here is my entry, quite cheap but I just had an inspiration this morning to go on a more “cartoonish” way…

  • I used this project to get a better understanding for Pre-Comps, Keyframes & Masks.

  • I am ready! Check it out:

  • My third FSP contribution:
    Take a look and let me know what you think

  • Great forum. Really having fun with these.

  • An other great subject! Thanks a lot!
    This is my post:

  • howdy folks. not the best work but it was fun. thnx for the 5SP idea.

  • hey folks, here’s my try made within the short sparetime i had. video is just bout to get converted

    best wishes from germany

  • Manuel F. Rugeles October 5, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    Hi Nick, this is the first time I participate. Hope I made it on time cause I see you already anounced the new theme. thanks for this Idea Nick. The video is waiting on vimeo to get converted, sorry for that.

  • I know I’m late (remembered the deadline wrong) but here’s mine:

    Next time I’ll be on time! 🙂

  • Hi CSG5SP!
    I loose the deadline!!

  • Hey Nick !

    What about the best of ?

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