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What Are Five Second Projects?
We all want to make original work for our demo reel or portfolio. But, sometimes you just need a theme to get you started or some rules to fight against. Here is your chance. Use the theme “Command-Z” to make a five second motion piece and enter it into the form below. If you’re new to five second projects, why not check out the Five Second Projects Archive to see all of the past themes and winners. Have Fun!

Watch a Video about the rules
1. Submissions must be Five Seconds Long!
2. Any animation is accepted. Video only submissions will not.
3. The animations has to do with the theme in some way.
4. Original Work only. Don’t cut out 5 seconds of already made work.
5. Link back to GSG on your Vimeo Post

Why Should You Enter?
Watch The Video about why to enter
1. Try new techniques or software
2. Limitations help get the mind working.
3. Make short, awesome pieces for your reel.
4. Get critique from your peers.
5. Promote yourself.

How Do I Enter my Video?
1. Create a five second animation based on the theme.
2. Upload your video to Vimeo. Don’t forget to add a link back to this blog post.
3. Submit your link to the form below and I will add it to the channel. (Submissions can take up to 48 hours to be added to the project.)
4. Deadline is Sunday, September 2nd

PRO TIP: Try using the theme as a visual metaphor. In other words, there shouldn’t be a need to add “Command-Z” as text in your animation.

SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED. Thanks for entering.

Now What?
Watch all the entries at the vimeo channel, or check out old Five Second Projects in the FiveSecondProjects Archive

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  • Get it!

  • Deadline so I can shedule accordingly?

  • Only Mac users can submit.

  • Awesome!
    Can we submit more than 1 video ?

    • It depends on how many Macs you own.

    • Only one entry per person. Spend time making one great entry instead of two.

      • I stumbled on this 5 Second Project on Friday, August 31 and thought I would try to submit an entry. I thought the deadline was the end of the long weekend, not Sunday. OOPS! I finally got my Cinema 4D/AfterEffects project done on Monday afternoon and discovered the contest was already closed. I was quite disappointed because I think the project turned out relatively well for a beginner. I think it would be a good addition to the collection of entries. Here is the link:

      • When will the next 5 Second Project be coming up? I’m really looking forward to entering the next one!

  • Great theme Nick!

  • is ‘Ctrl-Z’ theme also possible?:)

    • ‘ctrl+z’ and ‘cmd+z’ both have the same function in Win and Mac accordingly, so yes. I think Nick have the “undo”-command in mind with this project, and not the actual keybinding for it per sé. Its up to you though what you make of it.

  • Hey Nick! Would you list all participants?

  • what is the prize for winners? no prize??

  • Nick can you show us how to do something similar to this ( which was on Breaking Bad a few episodes ago in C4D?


    • This was made by MatthiasM with 3dsmax and Krakatoa.

    • If you have after effects and particular you can make something quite similar to that..

    • With thinking particle it’s possible but it will murderize most hard hardware to render that many particle + volume tracer. My pc would not be able to handle it thats for sure.
      Yet I would like to know how to control the emitter to spawn more at highspeed and less at low speed.

  • Awesome, great idea for a contest! I am new to the 5 second project, but I’ll do my best.

  • Maybe bit of a novice question (which I am)……. How many frames are in 5 seconds and how can I set the time????? Help Gorilla Help!!!!

    • Raoul van Maaren August 16, 2012 at 6:50 pm

      Hi Thomas, in case you’re using cinena 4d: if you open a new file you normally have a frame range from 0 to 90 and a 30 fps (so three seconds of animation time).
      – To change the framerate go to edit and click on file preferences. The preferences will be shown in the bottom right corner, here you can change the frame rate.
      -To change the animation to five seconds, simply multiply your frame rate, fps, times 5 and change the 90 frames you have to the ammount of frames you need.


    This is my first time using After Effects. I hope you like my project and Nick’s going to watch my video and that he says something about it. 🙂

    Have a nice day and I’m looking forward to seeing all the other great entries. 🙂


  • so here is my ‘Ctr+Z fail’

  • Deadline guys??? :/

    • How Do I Enter my Video?
      1. Create a five second animation based on the theme.
      2. Upload your video to Vimeo. Don’t forget to add a link back to this blog post.
      3. Submit your link to the form below and I will add it to the channel. (Submissions can take up to 48 hours to be added to the project.)
      4. Deadline is Sunday, September 2nd


    Very good topic for this five second project
    I hope you like my project as much as I liked it while I did
    “Saludos” from Spain


    my first submission, lightwave and after effects. been good fun although spent twice as much time
    on it tinkering with it than i planned.

    good luck all

  • how can i link back to this post?

  • Red or Blue? Time is running out! Check my submission at:

    Hope you guys like it!

  • Heres my submission, hope everyone enjoys it –

  • Hi all!
    This is my first animation ever…
    All opinion are welcome…

  • My first 5 second project. Enjoy:)

  • actually what happens while pressing command z on mac? i am using windows so asking

  • Here’s my vid guys. Hope you like it. Sorry for the low res, i messed up vimeo settings i guess…

  • ahh,, vimeo just sits there and wont upload my animation. 🙁

  • here we go:

    -that’s my quick little animation from AE…


    just updated my vimeo page with the complete after effects cs6 project (and render sources) if anyone
    is interested

  • Wow a lot of entries again, really great ones too! Just spend a day watching them all.

    Here’s mine:

    For the ones still working on it, succes!


  • So here is our command z project – First Date

  • Just to make sure my entry went through…

  • Here’s my entry
    cheers 🙂

  • Had fun! Wish everything had command z built in.

  • my entry for this tricky little number

  • Hello everyone!
    Glad to be here!
    That’s my first entry here:

    I tried once but I lost the deadline. But now I’m here! 🙂

  • The entries are all very nice! Good luck to all competing! I have submitted a video to the channel, but I reversed it to make it funnier :). I am so happy to check the channel.

  • Finaly done:
    This is my first entry for a GSG contest.

    I just checked the channel again, that is realy a lot of stuff, wow!

  • Hey guys,

    Same here with a few people. First time entry for a GSG Contest.

    Hope you enjoy!

  • Hey, not sure if not too late. I’ve submitted my entry yesterday, but I’ve forgot to post the link here:

    It’s my first entry for 5 Second Projects & I’ve had much fun making this one.

    Good luck everybody!

  • entry:

    There is some great stuff here, enjoyed watching all these videos!

  • finally, my first entry…

    glad to join!

  • I think my submission was in the wrong size. Fixed size here:

  • Here’s my entry, I hope you’ll like it!

  • Posted my project latest 29 August, but forgot to post here damn!
    Well, this is mine,
    Hope u enjoy guys..


  • Not sure if I was also supposed to comment here with my link in addition to the form above … Here it is. Submitted last night….

  • I accidentally removed my video from the five second projects group!! I’m really sorry! Could you reput it in there?



  • I’m impressed by how much of a story you can tell in just 5 seconds! These entries are awesome!

  • Here is another submission that was completed too late for inclusion:

  • Hello Nick, i know that i´m late, but there is my work.

  • I had submitted this way before the deadline, but for some reason it never showed up on the vimeo channel? Thought I would at least post the link here and let people tear it apart…..I’d love the feedback, this is my first time submitting any kind of motion work online.

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