Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

June 5, 2013 - By 

Daft Punks

You may have heard, but there is this band called Daft Punk that recently put out a new album. To celebrate, we released these professionally modeled Daft Punk helmet models for Cinema 4D. They should be able to give you a good jump start on this month’s theme.

Be creative and show us what you can do Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger in a five second animation.

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  • Great theme for this month, already have all kinds of ideas buzzing in my head for this 😀 so excited to participate!

  • Very Cool Theme, I’ve been playing the new album thru my playlist daily.
    Lets see what magic we can make happen.

  • I will do it this time, I will do it this time, I will do it this time 🙂

  • I love this theme ! We are up tonight to get Greyscale Lucky !

  • do i have to use the helmets??

  • I’m stoked about the theme. Just to clarify, do you want us to base our animations off the helmets, or is this just a suggestion?

    First entry, so I just want to be clear about the constraints.


  • Wait, I’m a little confused. So is the theme Daft Punk, or what you can do Harder Better Faster Stronger?

  • Im assuming we can use their music for the project?

  • Trying to get C4D for my school but still waiting on Maxon. Would it be possible to have this file available as an .obj file?

  • after a very long time i will doing on.I m in for this

  • Thanks!!!! not sure if I’ll come up with something good but I’m so happy I worked all weekend on this and I did my first xpresso animation! so thanks for that!

  • hi, does cs tools work in c4d ver 13 or not ? if it works how can i install it , thanks

  • dats awesome! luv this community

  • Awesome template. It gave me a kick start to my new video. I’ll be done with the video i the next 3 days… or more.

  • I tried to submit my entry but somehow I am getting an API error. Wonder if my comment will work.

  • Hm…
    I am getting this error when submitting. Do I need to register somewhere first?

    “Uh oh.
    Encountered an API error — Not allowed:The user does not have permission to add this video to an album, channel, or group”

  • My first “5 Second Project”. Hope you like it.

  • OMG… I actually made it this time.

    The 5s projects with a deadline are way the best way to keep the creative juices flowing.

    Thanks Nick!


  • I know, it’s much more than 5 seconds, but thanks for the helmets anyway.
    It was FUN!

  • Guys! I just Post my first 5seconds project. but most important I did my first xpresso that creates laser beams reflections on the correct angle and direction of the polygon when the original laser beam hits the mirrorball. happy learning new stuff
    : )

  • I tried to upload mine on the page yesterday, but it isn’t up. And now it’s past the deadline. Is there still a chance to get it up amongst the others?

  • I was a little late. But anyway:


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