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Since there’s never an excuse to stop learning, we’re heading back to school this month. Your take-home assignment: use the theme “Homework” to create a five second animation. Make sure to turn it in before the bell rings.

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  • I’m new to Greyscale Gorilla. Your C4D training course for beginners was perfect! ( like how Chris says cube) – Alright Time to put the learning into practice.

  • Great! I think I’m going to try this one.

  • Hi, guys, why do not share the video for 640 x 640 size with 15 second at most on Instagram :)) Just a Idea Im thinking it maybe can happen

  • Wow, that’s fast!
    Are the Five Second Projects going to be a monthly thing?

    Would be great!

  • Another Daft Punk theme!

  • nice sit

  • Hi Sorry about posting this in Support. oops.
    My question concerns the first bomb tutorial and the wick and fuse align to spline animations not syncing. The light fuse is always ahead of the wick depletion animation even when using an Expresso Spline tag between them. Any ideas?

  • great i with you

  • why I always find out about the 5 seconds projects 5 days before the deadline

  • Hi!
    I’ve submit my video about this contest in the right way (I guess). Enjoy it!

  • I had a lot of fun doing this one ! This is my submission :


  • This is a cool theme, wish i had time to do something.
    i was working on a project for a friends website you can check it out https://vimeo.com/73082311

    Can’t wait for the next one.

  • I just finished and uploaded mine. Geez… five seconds of animation once again cost me a few nights sleep. but the learning I gained… priceless https://vimeo.com/73110240

  • hi, i’m new here…when exactly do you release the project’s subject? so i can get into it! sounds like a cool challenge…

  • This is my first animation ever! Lots of fun on this contest. Here is my try: http://vimeo.com/73103198

  • Hello, did i miss it or there is not results page for this 5 seconds project ?

  • When are the results of the Homework 5 Second Project going to be posted?

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