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November 15, 2012 - By 

More Than Just a Silly Theme

I’m growing a mustache in November to kill cancer. Well, it’s not quite that simple. I actually need your help. (Not with the mustache. I got that covered.) I need you help by donating to prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. Click here to learn more about Movember and pledge. But before you do that…

My mother in law beat breast cancer this year and is fighting leukemia. So, for every dollar I raise for Movember, I will double your pledge and donate an equal amount to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over and pledge for the ladies and the gentlemen in your life at the same time. Meanwhile, I’ll get back to this mustache. Anybody have any wax?

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  • Cool Nick. Generous & kind of you to offer the added donations.
    5 Sec theme also sounds jokes and should have some rad entries.

  • this is going to be a great experience. I recently found this site, and this is going to be my first 5sec proj. somewhat — Funny Theme though. n healthy one

  • Hey Nick sounds great. The deadline is till December, is it. Cause to me it looked like till February:) In my coutry we have days first so I was confused for a few minutes.

  • Haha I like the sound of this one…. Gonna be Epic!!!

  • Nick, good luck at fighting with cancer!
    how about deadline? i think you forget type it.

  • Hey Nick, I’ve been searching about this fluid simulation, but I couldn’t find a tutorial about it, so I thought you could do one and show us something more about fluids in cinema 4d

  • Says submissions are closed when I click to go to the submissions and rules page, just a heads up.

  • Well.. I am still a newbie in the motion graphics field but I’ll have a shot .. although I am kindda afraid that my work will b humble in comparison to gr8 FX masters like this blog followers!

  • great theme and a good cause nick,

    my submission to the last 5 second project was created from my hospital bed whilst undergoing my 12th round of cancer treatment, it was a great distraction from what was going on around me and a HUGE boost when it was announced that i’d won.

    am nearly done with my entry for this competition and will post over the next day or two, annoyingly i’ve just had another idea. sooooooooooo, are we aloud more than one entry? (i’m assuming no. but hey, without asking i’d not know)

    keep up the great work


  • thanks zeyd,

    haha i’m actually a lightwave user although just downloaded the c4d demo for a “tinker”

    anywhoo, here’s my “huge mustache” entry i just uploaded

  • Hope i wasn’t too late for my entry :/
    The upload worked, but u never know…
    Anyway my post:

  • Hey !
    Here is my entry “Movember heroes” :

    Have fun !

  • been meaning to do one of these for a while but this is my first! really fun exercise as i expected it would be.

  • This is my second entry, although this time I didn’t use C4D, just Photoshop and After Effects to help Nick grow a mustache. It’s amazing how much work 5 seconds of mustache growing video can be! See my entry at:

  • Hey! I submitted my entry on Friday but it still isn’t in the group. I was wondering if it went through or not?

  • this is what comes to my mind when I hear mustache:)

  • Hey Nick, Tell me, what do you think of this one? It was made for a client who trowed a “moustache party” and it’s longer than 5 seconds, so the only thing it has in common with this contest is the moustache theme. I would really appreciate your opinion, it was the first time I’ve tried hair after watching your hair tutorial. It really helped, so thank you.

  • Hey Nick, you judging these today?

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