5-Second Project “Incognito” Winners

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Watch the winning Incognito 5-second project submissions, and join in on the new theme before the deadline.

5-Second Project "Incognito" Winners - Carlos Alonso Fox

Image via Carlos Alonso.

It was another round of great submissions for this 5-second project. The Incognito theme shows up in different ways, and we are excited to share the submissions.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure to join us for next month’s theme, Treasure. You have until June 22nd, 2018 at Midnight CST to submit your Treasure animation. Click here for all the details on participating.

Now, let’s get to the Incognito winners.

Winner: Carlos Alonso

The winner of the Incognito 5-second project is Carolos Alonso. Here’s his winning submission.

Carlos is relatively new to animation and motion design, and he offered the following insight to our readers. Here’s what he told us.

Greyscalegorilla: Congratulations on your submission. We loved it! Can you offer any insight into how you came up with this idea? 

Carlos Alonso: First of all thank you for selecting me as a winner, and thanks for all the resources and inspiration you provide on your website. I am learning a lot from your tutorials and podcasts!

When I started thinking about the topic in my head, I came up with cute animals hidden among vegetables with a cartoony look. I couldn’t reach the proper look, but days later while talking with a friend, I came up with the idea of a fox hidden, waiting for some rabbits to hunt.

5-Second Project "Incognito" Winners - Carlos Alonso Fox Head

Image via Carlos Alonso.

I don’t have a very deep knowledge of Sketch and Toon in C4D, so I looked for cartoony tutorials from eyedesyn [EJ Hassenfratz] and went for it. I was looking for a noisy 2D look. When compositing in After Effects, I put some noise on it, and I think that is all.

GSG: Easy enough! The results are great. Where can our readers see more of your work?

CA: Sadly I have no website or social media to show. I work in a company doing tasks from camera operator to motion designer, but I dream to become a full part motion designer.

5-Second Project "Incognito" Winners - Carlos Alonso Bunny

Image via Carlos Alonso.

GSG: We’ve all been there. You’re well on your way. Congrats again!

CA: Thanks again!!

Second Place: Henrik Reistad

Third Place: DDA

More Incognito Submissions:

You can watch all of the submissions in this playlist.

The next 5-second project is currently open to everyone! Head on over to the 5-second project page for the theme, deadline, and rules.

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