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  • When is the deadline? I’m excited about this one!

  • Great theme! I’m looking forward to this!

  • cool : 1st comment guys :))

  • So, is it about LowPoly?

    • Low poly, high poly, doesn’t matter. Get inspired by the theme and just go for it, if you don’t succeed to the top – you’ve still made something that you’ll (probably) be proud of.

  • Great theme for a contest ! Really trendy and cool to test…
    I’ve a question… Where does the post image with these cute paper fishes come from ??
    I really like them 😉

  • Hi greyscalegorilla,
    Can i increase the “color bleed” effect of an object in my scene? Like these fishes in the image of post?


    • Yep. Had a conversation with my wife as I was telling her this is 3d and she was telling me she thought it was an origami installation. Not synthetic guys.

      Maybe there should be a photographic challenge where real photos must be convincingly synthetic. Photorealism VS photosynthetism or something.

      OK. over.

    • Thank you. I was wondering about that too.

  • great theme. and it is also unique.

  • hi everyone i have problem with submit my video i have error

    Uh oh.

    Encountered an API error — Not allowed: The user does not have permission to add this video to an album, channel, or group.”
    what to do?

    • Don’t try to post your entry into the 5-Second Project channel. Just upload your video to your Vimeo account. Then copy the URL from that video and enter it in the Submissions page on this website. Nick will add your video to the channel automatically.
      Does that make sense?

    • Hi, I had the same problem. My solution: I just forgot to check “Add to their collections” in my video privacy settings.

  • Entered, just in in time 😉

  • Sorry, in my rush I realised that the video uploaded was not the final version. It is updating now, Vimeo says 30 mins till it is processed…

  • Hi Nick!
    I’m sure you do a lot of research but just in case you missed this one, I think you should have a look before announcing a winner.
    Not only this artist explains exactly how he did it ( a year ago…), but he’s also giving the project file away………………………………………………….!!!!!

    • Mmm…., that surely changes my opinion as far as who deserves to win! It is evident that a few projects were based on this tutorial and probably even developed from the downloadable project file. A bit disappointing.


    Sorry but something`s wrong with vimeo servers, and do not allow upload my entry. I will leave you the url for contest, i uploaded a 3 hours ago, and dont publish the video! 🙁

  • Nick –
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in these 5 Second Projects. I learn a lot each time I enter one and am so impressed by the vast array of talent I see expressed by the creators of all the entries. I really look forward to each 5 Second Project!
    – Marv

  • Just about at the end and there are over 100 entries this time!

  • Kamikaze Paper Airplane

    Made the deadline this time (barely).

  • I hope it is okay that I put my entry today. I uploaded it yeasterday but it took more time than i expected to accept my video, so I went to bed and entred at morning…

  • Now we need to find the Lo-Poly vaccine and the world will be safe again

  • Hi, I missed the deadline, unfortunately. Didn’t know when it was. Anyway – another 5 seconds of showreel is created…

  • I agree with you Nick. I also think that island paper is the winner this time.

  • Its much to late, much to long and much older, but its all paper! 🙂

  • Hey i know this passed. but i can’t find a link to view the winners.

  • where are the winners for made of paper? can’t find them anywhere.

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