Mini Golf

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Broken  Christmas tree  Toy
Grab a putter! It’s time to play some Mini Golf. Join us for our newest Five Second Project and submit your animation.

Not sure what Five Second Projects is? Check out our rules page here. Also, be sure to check out other Five Second Projects to see some incredible animation.

This Month’s Five Second Project is sponsored by TarDisk

Outdoor BenchSML
If your laptop’s hard drive is always full like mine, TarDisk may be exactly what you are looking for.

Tardisk easily allows you to add 256GB of storage to your MacBook Pro and Macbook Air by utilizing your machines onboard storage.

Learn how to add valuable hard drive space without expensive hard drive swaps by visiting TarDisk. Thanks again to TarDisk for sponsoring Five Second Projects.

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  • Heck yes. I don’t consider myself to be so skilled yet but I’m super excited just to participate!

  • A sponsor? So there’s actually a prize for the winner or is this just advertising?

  • Oh crap it’s mini golf….I guess I’ll just have to “putt” around with something…get it?

  • Yeah! Super excited, glad it’s back

  • Great !!!!! 🙂 finally its here 🙂

  • Mohamed Ben othman September 16, 2015 at 1:38 am

    Can I submit more than one project?

  • Hello! What’s the deadline for submitting? ta!

  • This is my first time going to participate, i can feel the excitement.
    Thanks GSG you ROCK!

  • Cool, it’s been a while last time i participated! Make me rich! 😀

  • Is there some way to have a gander at the submissions?

  • Sponsors are great, if you could have prizes for 5 second projects, that would be amazing. I think it would really incentivize a lot of great work to be produced. I’m sure there are a ton of half finished projects that get put off due to various commitments. If there was an incentive I could see more priority put on getting 5 second projects done and the quality and quantity of projects would rise!

  • Awesome! Does this mean the 5 second projects are back as a regular feature?

  • How do I create a texture like you have for the green? I’ve tried hair and architectural grass but they don’t like mini golf turf.

    • It looks like a noise effect in both the Color and the Bump channels of the material. Possibly even the noise type that is set by default when you add noise.

      Make sure to turn up the Bump so the texture doesn’t look flat.

  • And when will be the results?

  • I submitted my entry on Sept 25th, and I don’t see it in the Vimeo channel for the Mini Gold 5 Sec project…

    It can be found here:

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