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Ahhh, summer. It was a rough winter here in Chicago, but we finally made it. Now it’s time for rooftop drinks, hangin’ out by the swimming pool, and creating our own version of paradise.

Whether it’s snorkeling in the Caribbean or eating a whole box of cookies, we want to know what your idea of paradise is. Use the theme “Paradise” to create a five second animation and submit it on the Five Second Projects page. Our favorite videos will be featured in a post on the GSG site. Happy Rendering!

See all of the entries over at

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  • So as Nick said it has to be an animation does it have to be a .gif or a video as in 5 second long video?

  • please, i don’t saw the expiration day
    my Animation is here.
    :s :s

  • Hey guys, any idea when could be the next 5 sec project?

  • I sent mine before the deadline and it’s not up? Why?

  • Mariah Ashenden July 16, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    Will there be a theme posted for August? I would love to have some direction for an animation project.

  • When is the next project? I really enjoyed making the piece for paradise and want to do another!!

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