Pots ‘n Pans

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In this month’s Five Second Project, we want to see what you can get cooking. Use the theme “Pots ‘n Pans” to create a five second animation and submit it on the project page. Boil on high until tender, but no longer than November 24th, 2013.

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  • Just curious, is there an english or american saying in the theme? Or plane translateable?

  • Hi! must I use this six pots n pans or i can use the number that i like?

  • Alas the closest I got to entering a 5 second project was back in March, when the theme was ‘Bounce’. I had an animation as good as finished, all I had to do was render and submit but I was due to go away on the weekend. So at the last minute I decided to take my laptop with me with the plan of leaving it rendering whilst I was out at the beach. Unfortunately when boarding the small boat to the island I very stupidly managed to fall off – my laptop was in my bag and it was completely destroyed by the sea water! Gutted! On the bright side, I was able to rescue most of the files from the hard drive and finally got around to rendering it! 6 months late but here it is: https://vimeo.com/72412244. RIP laptop, that one’s for you.

  • Render till Tender!

  • im going dark on this one

  • i post mine already (^-^)


  • Hi,

    Unfortunately I removed from, my video from the Channel.
    Could you take it back, please.



  • Seems my video didn’t add to the channel on Friday… Could you please take it back:


    Many thanks

  • I didn’t make the deadline but I had fun learning some new things, so here’s my LATE submission!



  • I was bummed that I didn’t see mine in the list on the vimeo channel. Is the 40+ videos there the top submissions or did I miss something in the submission form? This is the first GSG 5SC I’ve entered, so it’s kind of a downer.

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