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It’s the dead of summer, and we’re heading to the beach covered in sunscreen, holding a shovel and wearing floaties.

Okay, so maybe we’re not six years old anymore, but we think you’re never too old to build a sandcastle. Show us your sandy-styled creation in a five second animation.

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  • That’s tight bro. We should make an epic short film with sand castle adventures and battles!

  • toughest theme ever 🙂 really cool idea!

    we’ll see lots of nice particle animations for sure.. I am very excited to see the results!

  • I’ve never submitted on any of the 5 second projects but this ones going to be my first!

  • Whew! I thought I would be the first submission. Nobody likes to be the first kid to turn in an exam paper.

    If anyone needs an ocean sound, has a bunch of great ones at: You need a free account to download.

    My submission is at:

  • Alireza Mirhadi July 22, 2013 at 9:15 am

    l Will Do that /

  • wow just thought about doing a sandcastle project myself ^^. Hm, maybe Im ending up in the 5sec anyways.

  • I tried to participate even if i am a beginner with cinem4D. I attempted to use what i learned these past weeks !

    Here is my submission :

  • Hey sweet theme, is there a link to the Vimeo channel somewhere?

  • i participated with simple animation…it’s first 3D animation i ever do, and it was fun xD .. my animation link :

  • I’m really glad I found time this week to enter a Five Second Project again, had to skip the last ones. It’s always a lot of fun creating this stuff and watch all the other entries, nice to see all those different in styles!

    My entry:


  • Till what time can I submit my sandcastle video ?

  • Hi, I’m sending my hardwork handmade sandcastle.
    Now I can go to swim!

    My entry:

  • My first try for the 5 Sec. project 😉

  • Finally sent in my first entry in the five-second projects:

  • Where is my Sandcastle in the vimeo page (
    There are many of them uploaded after mine, and my video no.
    My entry (AGAIN):

    • Andrea, there was an entry link on this page. Did u enter the vimeo link to your video there? Also did u link back to this page in the description of your video on vimeo?

      I guess the process is automated. People posting their links here in the comments have no effect on entry to the channel.

      • Ahmmm…. Ehmmm… I put the link here BUT I forgot to link back this page in the description of my video.
        Is to late to fix my error?

        • I don’t know really, i guess you could try and send an email to greyscalegorilla.. But what i meant was, that on this page, at the top, there was a box where you were supposed to fill in the http vimeo link to your video.. And not paste it into a message here.

          • Well, it’s too late.
            Bad for me, rules are rules.
            Maybe next time, but you can see my work.

  • Hey, guys! When will you announce the results?:)

  • marc_is_curious July 31, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    … looks like matt long got some inspiration from here:

  • Hi , My video was in the Honorable mentions , Is there any reason it was removed ?

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