5-Second Project “Treasure” Winners

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Watch the winning Treasure 5-second project submissions, and join in on the next theme.

5-Second Project “Treasure” Winners - Bitcoin

Image via Guilherme Vasconcellos.

We’ve got more great submissions for the latest 5-second project. Thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure to join us for next month’s theme. Click here for all the details on participating.

Now, let’s get to the Treasure winners.

Winner: Guilherme Vasconcellos

Congratulations to Guilherme Vasconcellos on his 5-Second Project win. Check out his winning submission.

We reached out to learn more about this submission, and here’s what we found out.

Greyscalegorilla: Can you first tell us a bit about yourself?

Guilherme Vasconcellos: My name is Guilherme Vasconcellos, but my friends call me Vasca. I work as a freelance Motion Designer and 3D Generalist based in Brazil.

GSG: How did you come up with this idea?

GV: When I was thinking about this project, my creative process led me straight to what I’ve seen in the past months. I think everybody knows someone that dived deep into the cryptocurrency world.

5-Second Project “Treasure” Winners - Bitcoin Model

Image via Guilherme Vasconcellos.

I tried to play with the ones who keep collecting any currency and holding on to it, no matter what. Some of them will just save everything in a place where only they can access, so they end up with a small fortune.

GSG: How did you bring this project to life?

GV: I started modeling a simplified human hand with box modeling in Cinema 4D, and then worked with Zbrush to adjust some volumes. The coins were modeled in Cinema 4D.

The textures from both models were done in Substance Painter. I started with a simple material preset, then I painted with a grunge brush where I wanted to have more details.

5-Second Project “Treasure” Winners - Hand

Image via Guilherme Vasconcellos.

The skeleton animation is really simple. I just used a IK rig for the arm and animated the movement I wanted with the camera. However, the coins were a bit more complex because I was expecting to only use dynamics so I could make them interact with each other and the arm.

I started with only a few coins around the skeleton then added a bunch of them across the simulation’s test. At the time the process turned out to be very tough because the scene was really heavy and the simulation issues came out quickly. So I made some proxies of the coins, cached the dynamics, baked the mograpph cloner and then replaced them for the high resolution mesh while playing with the parameters until I had a satisfactory result.

5-Second Project “Treasure” Winners - Hand Coins

Image via Guilherme Vasconcellos.

The simulation and the render process took too much time, so I had just a few minutes to finish the animation. The background is stock footage with some sounds FX made in After Effects.

Even with all the tough parts and deadline, the whole process was very fun and experimental. Even though I think I would have worked on a few more details.

GSG: Where can our readers see more of your work?

GV: Instagram, Dribbble, and guivasca.com.

Second Place: Antonin Sauvage

Third Place: Børge Myrnes

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You can watch all of the submissions in this playlist.

The next 5-second project is currently open to everyone! Head on over to the 5-second project page for the theme, deadline, and rules.

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  • So cool you guys are back with 5 sec project!
    But why Youtube?
    Why did you leave out Vimeo for the submissions?


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