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Best Of Greyscalegorilla 2017

December 31, 2017 - By 

What A Year…

Picking our favorite stuff from the last year is a bit like picking a favorite child (or a favorite beer). We love it all!!

But for those of you freelancing and working, we know it can be hard to watch and learn about everything we do here at Greyscalegorilla.

That’s why we went through over 100 hours of podcasts, tutorials, live shows, and interviews from 2017 to find our absolute favorite stuff from the past year.

Favorite Tutorials From 2017

Favorite Interviews of 2017

Favorite Greyscalegorilla Podcast Episodes of 2017

Best New Greyscalegorilla Plugins For 2017

Favorite Cinema 4D Training Series 0f 2017

Interviews With Nick from 2017

What did we miss?

Be sure to put your favorite stuff from 2017 in the comments below. We always love your feedback.

Thanks again for another wonderful year and cheers to a productive and successful 2018. It’s gonna be a big year for both of us. I can just FEEL it.


What’s New In X-Particles 4.0

November 1, 2017 - By 

Take a look at the exciting new features of X-Particles 4.0 with Mario Tran Phuc from Insydium.

Learn about Circle Packer, Spline Flow, Explosia FX, and much more in this presentation recorded at IBC2017.

Need X-Particles For Your Next Render?


Advanced Particle Workflows with C4D & X-Particles

November 1, 2017 - By 

Watch and learn more advanced techniques of X-Particles with Mario Tran Phuc from Insydium.

Learn about Object Omission, Data Mapping, and many more advanced X-Particles techniques in this presentation recorded at IBC2017.

Need X-Particles For Your Next Render?


“Behind The Scenes with Nick Campbell of Greyscalegorilla / Q&A – AMA”

October 1, 2017 - By 

In this video, Nick answers your questions about some of the behind the scenes of Greyscalegorilla and some of the best ways for motion designers like you to get your best work done. Learn why to work with people better than you and learn how to ask your boss for more creative work.


Greyscalegorilla Around The Web:


Make A Camera Animation Rig For Cinema 4D With Signal

June 27, 2017 - By 

Example Camera Moves

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, Nick shows you how to use the Signal Camera Animation Rig to make unique logo and title animations in C4D. Later on in the video, Nick shows you how to build the rig from scratch using Signal.

Download The Camera Animation Rig Here

Get Signal Today


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