Getting Started in Cinema 4D

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Want to learn Cinema 4D? You are in the right place. We are passionate about teaching you how to make beautiful Motion Design and Renders. Like you, we look at all the beautiful 3D work in the world and we wonder, HOW DID THEY DO THAT?

As We Learn, So Do You!

That’s our philosophy. If we learn a new technique or find out how to use a new tool in Cinema 4D, we share it with you right away. There are no “Gurus” here. We are learning every day how to make beautiful renders in Cinema 4D for our clients and ourselves. Come along and learn with us.


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Here Is What You Can Learn With Our Free Tutorials!

Practically everything in the video above can be made by following along with our Cinema 4D Tutorials. Not only do we show you techniques for animating and creating in 3D, we also show you design and compositing concepts that we use to help make sure that your 3D animations and stills look as good as possible when it’s render time.

Brand New to Cinema 4D?

Check out our free Intro To Cinema 4D series where we will teach you the basics and get you up and running in Cinema 4D in no time. By the time you finish with the basics, you will be able to watch practically any one of our tutorials and follow along with ease.

Are You A Freelancer Or Want To Get Paid For Your Work?

It sure is fun playing around with all these tools, but if you want to get paid to use Cinema 4D, we have you covered there too. Start with these videos and posts below to start to learn how to hone your design skills, meet the right people, and start to get paid to make beautiful stuff.

Work Faster With Our Plugins.

Lighting, animating, and texturing in 3D should be FUN, not tedious. That’s why we make Professional Plugins for Cinema 4D. Our plugins have been used by over 10,000 artists just like you in feature films and local commercials. Make your clients or your boss LOVE your next Cinema 4D render with beautiful 3D lighting, animation, and textures.

Pro Training

Ready to take the next step and start learning more advanced techniques and tricks from industry profesionals? Check out Greyscalegorilla Plus to get over 300 hours of Pro Training, amazing materials and much more.