Greyscalegorilla Demo Reel Submission

Greyscalegorilla Demo Reel Call for Submissions!

Want to be a part of our very first Greyscalegorilla Customer Demo Reel? You’re in the right place! Greyscalegorilla has the best customers in the industry and it’s time we show the world the wonderful work you’ve all created using our tools!

The Deadline for sending all video materials to be included in the Greyscalegorilla Demo Reel is July 1, 2016.

Please, fill in the form below to inform us that you would like to submit your work and give us some links to the specific projects you would like us to include in our reel. If your work is chosen, we will contact you for next steps. Thank You! We look forward to seeing all of your amazing work! (Please no demo reel montages, only full projects)

The GSG Demo Reel will be presented at numerous Greyscalegorilla events around the world. It will also be featured on, our Vimeo page, and the Greyscalegorilla YouTube Channel and Reseller & Social Networks.

Greyscalegorilla Demo Reel Submission Form

  • Initial video submissions should be web-viewable (vimeo, youtube) and not download only. Links requiring download will be ignored. After your video is selected, we will request high resolution download links.

NOTE: All provided materials will be taken under a consideration in the selection process but only approved submissions will be included in the Greyscalegorilla Demo Reel.

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