HDRI Link is Available NOW!

  HDRI Link is Available NOW

Join Our Free HDRI Workshop January 12th 12 Noon CST

Join Chad Ashley for a special Live Online Workshop all about how you can speed up your Lighting workflow in Arnold and Octane. Click below to save a seat. If you use third party renderers, you don’t want to miss this live show. Hope to see you there!


Let’s just say that if you use third party renderers in Cinema 4D you’re going to be interested in HDRI Link. We promise to give much more information very soon.  What we CAN say is that HDRI Link is a brand-new plugin for Cinema 4D by Greyscalegorilla and it’s coming out in January 2017. It’s out NOW!

If you use Arnold or Octane with C4D, you will want to sign up for the workshop!